Cut Off Your Hands Hit Road With Ra Ra Rioters

You & I comes out on maybe the worst day an album can be released in 2009 — or the best, depending on how you look at it. But while most Americans’ll be glued to their TV next Tuesday, watching the big O get inaugurated, Cut Off Your Hands will quietly release their debut LP in the states. We’re pumped for both, to be honest. AND, the day after its release, these New Zealand post-punkers will hit the road with Rind fave Ra Ra Riot for a short run of dates. Full list below the fold. Not that many, right? Rest assured, kids, this is only the beginning, as the band is currently booking more dates throughout March and into SXSW 2009.

MP3: Cut Off Your Hands – Turn Cold


Raveonettes Lusted After By 2008 Year-Enders

If you’re a regular Rind reader, you know how much we lose it for Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo, AKA The Raveonettes . But if 2008 year end lists are to be trusted, we aren’t the only ones who go gonzo for bi-coastal Danish boy-girl transplants and purveyors of primo noir-pop. Rolling Stone claimed that “Aly, Walk With Me” from Vice Records’ Lust Lust Lust was the 33rd best song of the year , while Paste mag named the album itself the 21st finest release of ’08 . Aside from topping all sorts of list, the duo is set to make a mini-jaunt through the states later this month. Full list of shows after the jump.

MP3: The Raveonettes – Black/White


Top Ten Albums of 2008 – Trevor Larocque (Paper Bag Records)

We’re super excited to share this top 10 list from Trevor at the hip Toronto-based indie label Paper Bag Records.  Not only do we love everything that Paper Bag has to offer, but we totally agree with Trevor about The Walkmen’s You & Me being one of the greatest records of 2008.

Here’s his full list (in no particular order):

M83 – Saturdays = Youth
NACHTMYSTIUM Assassins: Black Meddle Pt. 1
CUT COPYIn Ghost Colours
WOLF PARADEAt Mount Zoomer

Acrobat Music: Something for Everyone, But Save Most of it for Me

I like a challenge, so I’ve tried to find one thing in the Acrobat catalogue that I don’t love, and after 24 hours and 12 bags of popcorn, I’ve discovered it’s impossible. Every album that this niche label has ever put out has singularly distinguished itself in its genre, whether it be blues, jazz, country, doowop, soul, or gospel, to name a few. With artists such as Lefty Frizell, Mario Lanza, Billlie Holliday, Willie Nelson, and Duke Ellington, Acrobat has consistently aligned itself with some of the most esteemed artists ranging from your household names to your music collectors’ hard-to-find gems. You really can’t miss with Acrobat: listen to any random album in their catalogue and you probably will be converted into a new die-hard fan. Here are a few of my favorites, which are all completely unrelated in style, but still bound by their mutual awesomeness.

John Barry: The Music of John Barry BUY

With the new spate of James Bond films coming out recently, what better album to listen to on the way to the cinema than The Music of John Barry, the man who scored all of the James Bond films up until 1985’s Dressed to Kill. Thanks to his telltale swinging guitars and swooping horns, John Barry can transport anyone from taking a boring walk to the corner store for milk to a spy on a top secret mission to secure a gallon of priceless white mercury.

Our Favorites Are Your Favorites Too – Part V – Vivian Girls

After originally printing only 500 copies of their self-titled debut, an 8.5 review on Pitchfork catapulted the Vivian Girls from the Brooklyn apartment the trio shares onto stages nationwide with Deerhunter, Jay Reatard, King Khan & the BBQ Show, Japanther and more in 2008.

It’s no surprise then that the Girls landed at #19 in Pitchfork’s Top Tracks of 2008, as previously noted on The ‘Rind, and were namechecked by Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox as one of his faves of 08 in XLR8R. But they ended up making more than a handful of year-end lists on top of that.

Aquarium Drunkard, Gorilla vs. Bear, All Music, and Baltimore’s City Paper all sang the Vivian Girls’ praises this year. The Windy City showed love with writers Greg Kot at The Chicago Tribune and Jim DeRogatis of the Chicago Sun Times each placing the band in their #3 spots.

We’re glad that we’re not the only ones who’ve been spinning this record constantly!