Hello, 2009. Goodbye, Dubya.

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Good Riddance, George W. Bush / Selector Series / BUY

The dawn of the new year has us looking forward to Inauguration Day more excitedly than we ever have before.  No matter how you voted in the 2008 election, 2009 marks the end of an era.  (Okay maybe it was only eight years, but it felt like a lifetime.)  Now it’s finally time for one of the most fiendish White House inhabitants this country has seen to pack his bags and move on – none other than the Grand Poobah himself, Dick Cheney..  er, I mean, George W. Bush.

In the spirit of bidding our fair President farewell, Selector Series brings you Good Riddance, George W. Bush, which features tracks from such vocal Dubya supporters as Immortal Technique, Ministry and Mr. Lif.  Check out the full tracklist after the jump, and join us in offering Mr. Bush a “good riddance” salute!


Our Favorites Are Your Favorites Too – Part IV – Pitchfork’s Top 100 Songs of 2008

When Pitchfork posted their favorite songs from last year (man it feels good to say that), we weren’t the least bit surprised that Vivian Girls’ “Where Do You Run To,” (off of their self-titled In The Red gem) scored high marks, coming in at #19.  As they so aptly put it, “[when] the song’s rumbling thunder starts sucking face with the girls’ intermingled voices, it becomes pretty clear that these ladies are taking what’s not necessarily theirs, and making it their own.”

Another big hit of 2008 was The Walkmen’s “In The New Year,” off of their brilliant fifth LP, You & Me.  At #26, this is the perfect track to ring in 2009, while offering just the slightest tinge of nostalgia for the year that gave us this amazing Gigantic debut.

Finally, we have a couple of Frenchkiss dudes who are very near and dear to our hearts here at the Rind.  Weighing in at #59 with “Fools,” The Dodos won over the folks at Pitchfork enough to receive an honorable mention for Best Albums of 2008 as well.  The rousing track off of their debut Visiter is fittingly described as “one of the most subtle and accomplished integrations of a global folk style in a year seemingly more indie bands than ever looked abroad for inspiration.”

Scaling Feline Peaks With Toronto Avant-Folksmiths

A veritable super group of Toronto’s young, improvised music community, The Silt is regarded as the brainchild of singer/guitarist/flautist and Constellation-cohort Ryan Driver. Following on the heels of two lo-fi outings on their own label, Cat’s Peak, due January 12th via Fire Records, is a true meeting of pop and experimentalism, teeming with avant-country charm, sublime harmonies, words of nature’s magic and love’s mysteries. Check out The Oldham-esque broken-folk of “No Twig” below, and the full tracklisting after the jump.

MP3: The Silt – No Twig


New Year, Same Rind!

As you regular Rind readers (or, well, anyone with a scroll bar) can attest, things got quiet around these parts as 2008 wound to a close. But now we’re back, as good as ever. So, fixating on how much that firework in the picture looks like our orange semi-namesake, we offer up an appropriately-titled track from the Walkmen’s 08 stand-out You & Me.

MP3: The Walkmen – In The New Year