Don’t Cut Off Your Hands To Spite Your Arms

While their name immediately reminds me of the gruesome fate of those who have stolen bread from a Middle Eastern marketplace, “Happy As Can Be,” the title track off Cut Off Your Hands‘ like named EP, has us here at Rind HQ loving their sound.

The EP, reminiscent of the band’s earlier post–punk days under the name Shaky Hands, rocks and rolls in a slightly different direction, expressing influences from artists like Roy Orbison, Elvis and the Ronnettes. Released October 21st on Frenchkiss Records, these six tracks already have us looking forward to their debut LP.

After finding themselves working with ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler, the New Zealanders signed with UK label 679 Recordings (Frenchkiss in the US), and finished their soon to drop You & I.

If you missed their shows during the CMJ music marathon, unfortunately (for those of you who are stateside) you won’t be able to catch them again anytime soon – unless of course you are heading to Germany, France, or attending the Laneway Festival in Australia.  Maybe now is a good time to book that trip to Australia you’ve always wanted to take!

MP3: Cut Off Your Hands – Happy As Can Be

Rave On To These Two Danes

The Raveonettes
Beauty Dies / Vice Records

Following the success of The Raveonettes‘ February release, Lust Lust Lust, the Danish dou devised a plan to release four digital-only EPs before the year’s end. Unleashing the first remix album for free and the second electronic-focused EP right here, the series’ third offering is available now. Beauty Dies brings us back to that familiar Rave sound of whispery vocals that croon over the top of fuzzed out reverb-soaked guitars and driving beats. These four noise-laden tracks will totally feed your dark side. The Raveonettes’ noir rock is the perfect soundtrack to a smoky red-lit basement venue where the music’s loud and black-clad kids sway and bob.

Below you’ll find a little present from your friends over at Vice Records. Ironically, Gap commissioned this track, “Black/White” for their “Sound of Color” project which promotes their colorful Spring and Summer collections. Either way, the dark, wintery fairy-tale video shot using shadow puppetry and animation does a great job in complementing the richly textured emotional landscape.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the last EP in the series, Wishing You A Rave Christmas, coming out later this month!

MP3: The Raveonettes – Black/White

Video: The Raveonettes – Black/White

It Pays To Be A Nada Surf Fan

Music videos are rife with clichés and often bore the tears out of anyone with even a remotely discerning taste. Nada Surf solved this problem by opening up a YouTube contest to their fans to make the music video for their song “Weightless” from Lucky . The band and Barsuk made two very talented fans $3,000 richer in exchange for their incredible videos. Directors Richard Card and Austin Trotter walked away victorious with a video that focuses on transitions and dream-like experiences, both ordinary and surreal. Not to discredit the runners up, Sean P. Rogan and Sam Kuhn received a copy of the Nada Surf vinyl box set, Nada Surf t-shirts and CDs and some gear from the good folks at You can snag your own box set on Nov 25th. It’s packed with all five studio albums on vinyl, an exclusive repressing of the first 7″ single, full-color 24-page lyric and photo book, download codes for MP3 versions of The Proximity Effect, Let Go, The Weight Is a Gift, Lucky , and a collection of rare and out-of-print bonus tracks and b-sides…whew!

Be sure to check out those great music videos HERE !

Selection of Album Newcomers

Cut Off Your Hands Happy As Can Be (Frenchkiss Records) – Taking hints from the Klaxons and The Pigeon Detectives, these Auckland boys are bringing up the front with spot on dance driven new rave. A dervish of post-punk pop is being released on their new six-track EP.

The Raveonettes Beauty Dies (Vice Records) – The third installation in the noir garage-pop duo’s four EPs to be released this year, Beauty Dies brings us more of the Raves’ signature gauzy distortion, reverb-soaked percussion, and velvet dark melodies.

The Holloways Sinners & Winners (The Orchard) – Brought to you by yours truly, The Orchard, this scrappy lil’ gang from North London will make you bounce to their catchy rock songs with charming accent-heavy vocals. Let our commitment be a testament to their hopelessly catchy riffs.

Bohren & Der Club of Gore Dolores (Ipecac Recordings) – The juxtaposition of sultry jazz sax croons, ambient synths , and simplistic percussion paint a landscape of a dark bleak doom that’s strangely beautiful. The dignified and foreboding minimalism of Dolores will spur images of a slow torture, and we mean that in the best way possible.

Brendan Campbell Burgers And Murders (Everybody’s Records) – A brilliant songwriter from Scotland, young Mr. Campbell and his trusty acoustic display a great level of passion and authenticity on the new record Burgers And Murders. While the influence of such icons as Jim Morrison and Leonard Cohen clearly shine through, this is not just another folk rocker.

Darkthrone Dark Thrones and Black Flags (Peaceville) – This long haired Norwegian duo grind away in their scuffed black boots to whiskey-fueled black metal. Constantly evolving with each new album, these crusty blasts are stripped down with an irreverent punk aggression… black’n’roll metal to the core.

HR Hey Wella (DC Hardcore) – The legendary Bad Brains frontman HR combines his distinct influences of hardcore, reggae and punk for an album that truly pushes genre boundaries. This fusion of sounds on his tenth record offers new perspectives without alienating fans, making for a strong record throughout.

Finnish Experimental-House Producer Luomo Releases Convivial to Rave Reviews

Coming from a Convivial atmosphere certainly seems to be working well for Finnish experimental house producer Luomo, as the release of his fourth album has the web atwitter. For his latest on his own Huume Recordings, the man born Sasu Ripatti expanded his horizons beyond his usual vocalist, jazz singer Johanna Iivanainen, and enlisted a load of guest artists to join her. Some of the voices lent to Convivial include Sascha Ring (Apparat), Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters) and a “secret guest” who simply calls himself Chubbs. The result is probably Luomo’s most diverse, danceable and exciting album yet.

While firmly rooted in the house/club genre, Luomo is a restless composer whose music is full of dark chasms and sharp edges, setting him apart from the pack. He is always looking for more ways to bend the pop music rules, deconstructing melodies and putting them back together in a way that captures tension and romance in shards of polished disco.  It is with that determined experimentalism that Ripatti approached Convivial.

Check out the synth-pulsing ballad “Love You All” below to hear it for yourself.

MP3: Luomo feat. Apparat – Love You All