5 Reasons Compilations Belong on Your Radar

Compilations Right now, compilations are more popular than ever before. Just open Spotify’s homepage and you will find a plethora of playlists including “Mellow Beats,” “Creativity Boost,” “The Indie Mix” along with hundreds of others to help get you through your day. How many times have you discovered new music through playlists like these? I know I have countless times.

The Orchard’s Compilations Team creates and releases a wide variety of albums throughout the year, spanning every genre imaginable that are sold and streamed through platforms including iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. With more and more labels signing up, our catalog is constantly growing. Here are the top 5 reasons why compilations should be high on your radar whether you’re a label or just looking to expand your musical horizons. (more…)

Welcome, Olivia!

OliviaHansenIntroducing Olivia Hansen, Coordinator, Digital Advertising

Hi, my name is Olivia Hansen and I just graduated from college. This is my first job, and I’m really excited to be working at The Orchard. I like music, and to cook and eat. My favorite artists are Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Billy Joel, and Leon Russell, and my favorite television show is All In The Family. My favorite food is probably fried plantains because I eat those a lot, and one of my favorite authors right now is Alexander McCall Smith. I perform with a choir called the Oratorio Society of New York around Christmastime, so if you ever want tickets, let me know!


Amp Up Your Production Value with YouTube Spaces

YouTube Space LA facilitiesJust like any business operation, the basic workings of YouTube come down to the concept of “give and take.” While YouTube is indeed a transcending, real-time platform for content creators to share their videos with millions of viewers internationally, the video sharing site would ultimately fade into oblivion if it wasn’t for the creators providing engaging content.


Have a Fiesta with CODISCOS & Magisto

magisto codiscos tropisounds contestThere’s no better time than the summer to think fiestas, hip-shaking bambas and sharing it all with friends on the interwebs. Enter: Magisto, or to be specific, our partnership with the video storytelling app that pairs music with images to create engaging mini-movies you can share ’til your heart’s content.


The Orchard Chart Toppers: June 2015

The Orchard Chart Toppers

Our chart topping artists had a penchant for Rap and Hip Hop this past June, with underground Hip Hop duo Jedi Mind Tricks, collaborative group CZARFACE and soulful East Coaster Pete Rock all making a dent on the Independent and Heatseeker charts, as well as their respective genres. Internationally, Brazilian brothers Henrique & Juliano dominated their local charts and Portuguese legend Tony Carreira showed that even a 2014 release can still make a killing a year later. Our film hits included the not-to-be-missed The Yes Men Are Revolting and skateboarding documentary Motivation 2: The Chris Cole StoryEnjoy the full list of chart toppers below, and let us know what your faves are in the comments!