The Dears Turn It Up “Times Infinity”

TimesinfinityPioneers of the 2000s Canadian Indie invasion, The Dears are back with and an epic new track accompanied by an album announcement. The band’s newly revealed record, grandly titled Times Infinity Volume One, is the Montreal musicians’ first LP in four years and is due out this Fall.

The first single, “I Used to Pray for the Heavens to Fall,” is almost too much to handle. The introduction is dramatic, the transitions are unpredictable, and the lyricism, impeccable — all characteristics of The Dears‘ eclectic soundscape that captured the globe’s attention when the band began.


Major Brands & Advertisers Shift Focus Towards YouTube

advertAccording to Google’s latest Q2 financial reports, YouTube is now bigger than any individual U.S. cable network in the key demographic of 18-49. With cable customer stories like these, it’s no shock people have continued to gravitate towards the video-sharing platform and away from traditional cable TV companies. With notable increases in watch time year-over-year and expanded mobile viewership due to larger mobile screen sizes and more widespread access to broadband and 4G services, the shift seems inevitable.


Welcome, Scott!

ScottSmitelliIntroducing Scott Smitelli, Senior Software Engineer

Hi there, I’m Scott Smitelli. I’m the newest Software Engineer to join The Orchard family, and I’m excited to be here! I come from Maker Studios, where I worked on a video platform that some may remember by an old name, Before that I worked at Thomson Reuters and Worldnow, building sites that distributed breaking and local news to the users who needed it most. I’ve also done freelance film and audio work on the side, recording and editing audio for a number of shorts and independent features. I spend my time in New Jersey, where I’m usually either taking something apart or putting something back together. Drop me a line in the comments and say hello!

How To Choose a Music Producer

SoundBetter_imageWriting a guest post for us this week is Shachar Gilad, Founder and CEO of SoundBetter, a curated marketplace for music production talent. Shachar is also a touring musician, an audio engineer and producer and before SoundBetter, he helped design and market tools for musicians and sound engineers at Waves Audio and Apple Inc. We’re excited to welcome him to The Daily Rind to share his knowledge. 

Choosing a music producer to work on your music is no less important than choosing a director for your screenplay. A producer can make or break a record’s sound and your experience of the production process. At SoundBetter, we help musicians find and hire vetted producers as well as professional mixing & mastering engineers, pro singers and drummers. Having helped thousands of musicians hire and work with professional producers, we’ve learned a lot. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing a producer for your project. (more…)

A Test Run of Spotify Running

imagesWhen Spotify unveiled its new Running feature in their mobile app earlier this year, it was met with more than one “I wish I’d thought of that!” Music is an important motivational tool for any workout and this feature is a godsend to anyone (like me) who is overwhelmed by the task of creating the perfect playlist to match their workout. As a casual runner just trying to stave off the effects of the endless mimosa brunch, I decided to take this new feature for a test run.