Not Your Typical Holiday Fare: Sharon Jones, Ru-Paul and Paul Hindemith

15.03.07_sjdkxmas230-ed_wide-As elucidated by John Roderick of The Long Winters on Talkhouse earlier this month, holiday songs and albums can be a bit of a dodgy proposition in a market already saturated with them, but here are a few new holiday gems that would make worthy additions to any holiday rotation.


Welcome, Montana!

MontanaLevyIntroducing Montana Levy, Corporate Marketing Coordinator

Hello! My name is Montana, and I’m pumped to be joining The Orchard as the Corporate Marketing Coordinator. I’m originally from Bergen County, NJ, I lived and went to school in Chicago for 4 years, and now I live in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. I attended Columbia College Chicago and lived in Logan Square in Chicago, and I can tell you for a fact that deep-dish pizza is far less superior to New York pizza, but they do have a better hot-dog style going on over there.


Being Ben in Benin: The Orchard Awards African Artist John Arcadius

John Arcadius Ouidah BluesOver the course of the last few decades, one of the main threads sewn into my life’s rich tapestry has been propagating the spread of music from the African continent to the rest of the world. I’ve spent countless years selling works by artists like Cesaria Evora and Manu Dibango in “musical containers,” transferring them from cassettes and LPs to downloads and streams.

As one of my previous blog posts about my travels in Africa suggests, there are many infrastructural constraints that make monetised access to music complicated across the continent. These include a lack of electricity, access to broadband internet networks, payment means and indeed often wherewithal. As a result, any solution to the current issues in Africa have to be mobile, inexpensive and flexible — something today’s digital economy is providing locally and globally.


Dianna Corcoran: An Australian Artist Full of Southern Country Charm

In America - Dianna Corcoran COVERIt’s not every day that you hear an artist yodel during a live performance then proceed to hit whistle notes perfectly as they perform an acoustic set on The Orchard Radial Live stage. Dianna Corcoran did just that, proving that her vocal ability and music are forces to be reckoned with. Her latest album In America, showcases her writing prowess and incredible vocal technique, as she sings about her experiences moving from Australia to America in chase of her dreams.


Freeloader Friday: Rick Springfield, Charles Bradley & More

Rick-Springfield-Rocket-ScienceI like to think of Freeloader Friday as that “friend that always has a pack of gum.” You know, like when you’ve been drinking coffee all day at work but are going to meet friends and need to freshen up. Music can do the same thing — figuratively, of course. Check out The Orchard‘s flavors of the week below and see what does the trick.

Try Brooklyn-based Techno collective, DUST. Nearing seven minutes in length, the group’s latest single was released this week and is illustriously dubbed, “Breeding Pit.” If you’ve ever had a weird dream that involved boarding an alien space ship on which there was also a tranced-out Electro-Dance party going down, this might have been the soundtrack.