Welcome to Club Corridos!

ClubCorridos-AEver find yourself wishing you could expand your knowledge on regional Mexican culture? Looking to add a kick to your music library?

Introducing Club CorridosClubCorridos.com is a music streaming and social media hub that showcases The Orchard’s best-selling compilations on Mexican Corridos, Norteño and Banda.


Welcome, Jennifer!

JenniferBonitaIntroducing Jen Bonita, Client Manager, Frontline

I’m overjoyed to be joining the Client Relations team here at The Orchard and to have the opportunity to do what I love in New York City!

Originally from Pennsylvania, I fell in love with music when studying classical violin by day and sneaking into punk clubs by night before setting off to Wilkes University where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing and a minor in Music. After graduation, I moved to Los Angeles to attend the Musicians’ Institute and to intern at a marketing agency where I worked niche records for Capital and Favored Nations.


Celebrate Life with Kira Skov

KiraUpon sifting through The Orchard’s catalogue recently, I was thrilled to discover that Kira Skov, one of my long-time favorite Danish artists, is signed to Stunt/Sundance Records, a label we distribute. To be honest, I was also pretty surprised as Kira, who has often adorned the Rock/Pop genre pages on iTunes, is a surprising addition to the label, known for its serious and progressive Jazz. It is obvious however that the smoothness of Jazz has had its impact on Kira’s later work as she has managed to build a harmonic bridge between the different genres — introducing Rock ‘n’ Rollers to Jazz and Jazz enthusiasts to Rock ‘n’ Roll.


An Open Letter to Neil Young

sample-wars-neil-youngTo Mr. Young (or may I call you Neil?),

I have been a big fan of your music for years. I listen to you at home, at work, walking the streets of London, at friends’ houses and on my daily commute. But you recently removed all of your work from music streaming services and I wanted to point out why I think that was a bad move.


Focus, Focus, Focus… Tracks

Single 45sListening trends in music can best be described as cyclical. In the 1950s, the single is king. By the 1970s, the popularity of the “concept album” reaches its peak. In the 80s and 90s with the rise of cassettes, and later the birth of iTunes, singles are back. Around the turn of the millennium, a return to artistic freedom and the album is afforded to artists large and small by the explosion of independent distribution, especially in the digital space.

Today, we are seeing massive changes in the industry. Streaming is growing at an unprecedented pace: in the first 6 months of 2015, music analytics platform Next Big Sound tracked more than than 1 trillion online streams. That already exceeds the number of streams for the entirety of 2014.