“The Fourth Phase” Redefines Action Sports

tfp_instagram_1080x1080_outnow_version2In what USA Today described as “… a gorgeous (and horrifying) masterpiece, the most anticipated action sports film ever to be released has just touched down and is breaking records across the board. The Fourth Phase is the follow-up film to the 2011 blockbuster hit The Art of Flight, featuring iconic snowboard legend Travis Rice and friends as they plot a 16,000 mile course to follow the hydrological cycle around the North Pacific.


Freeloader Friday: Red Fang, Pale Honey & More

Only-GhostsWhat’s goin’ on Freeloaders? I’m sure you’re ready for the weekend after a packed week of industry news, namely the introduction of a(nother) new streaming service. Similarly, we have a packed batch of eleven tracks for you right here! Let’s get into them, shall we?

Red Fang rips. They are a bad ass, beer-drinkin’ guitar-riffin’ four piece with a stranglehold on rock and roll. The band’s gnarly new album Only Ghosts finally arrived this week and it’s exactly what we were hoping for. The album feeds a strict diet of nasty licks, anthemic lyricism and hard breakdowns that are sure to provide the satan seal of approval. If you’re not already compelled to listen to this record by my flawless description, you’ll have to check out the band’s hilarious promo. On top of the simply absurd video for “Shadows,” Red Fang just put out a Tetris-style game surrounding Only Ghosts called Fangtris. To give you an idea, the game’s home screen begs the question: “Can you help Red Fang stack their gear on stage before the gig starts?” To be honest, I’ve gotten very little work done this week because I’ve been trying to beat our office’s high score currently held by Marissa. Anyways, check out a full stream of Only Ghosts here and good luck with Fangtris.


Case Study: Sabaton “The Last Stand”


If you take a look at the picture above, you’ll notice a few things about Sabaton [Nuclear Blast]. First, these dudes are obviously a metal band. Second, you can deduce from this image that Sabaton is entirely and wonderfully epic in every sense of the word. The band’s August 2016 release The Last Stand was no exception. With each song elaborately illustrating a heroic battle throughout history’s great societies, The Last Stand‘s dominating thematic elements gave our interactive marketing team an opportunity to get crafty/creative with the art of war. Along with fueling social activity and creating buzz for the new record, our team’s overarching goal was to engage Sabaton‘s massive and active fanbase in new and exciting ways.


5 Ways to Snapchat in a Snap

snap incWith the announcement of Snapchat’s name change to Snap Inc. and the upcoming release of the new Spectacles, we’re counting down 5 of our favorite ways to use Snapchat. What are yours?

1. Track Previews/Announcements

Snap is the perfect platform to tease new tracks by using its concept of short disappearing content. Each Snap video lasts a max of 10 seconds, giving just enough of a snippet to entertain and entice fans. Snap is also a great way to make first announcements about tours, upcoming videos, albums and more in a casual way that makes fans feel they are getting a more personal/behind-the-scenes experience.  (more…)

Freeloader Friday: Mouth Tooth, Sleigh Bells & More

191018005849Hello hello to the world’s Freeloaders on this wonderful Friday. There’s been some big news lately about streaming services such as SpotifyGoogle Play and more extending to new countries. Not to mention a new friendship between China and yours truly that we’re all pretty excited about. Globalization is sick! Anyways, we have the tracks you need to hear this week. Ready?

Mouth Tooth is a duo of dudes that have mastered the art of indie. With a minimalist approach of electric guitar and vocals, this band will have your heart strings yanked midway through track one. The band’s new record Group Therapy / Memory Foam is a combination of two EPs written several years apart that still manage to intertwine beautifully. In a somber mixture of Kurt Vile and Yo La Tengo’s slower music, Mouth Tooth‘s style has been called a “soundtrack to a film” due to the the band’s strong emotional pull and sensory timbre that gives you a visual and feel with each melody. The group’s artistry is obvious and apparent in the their music videos as well, I recommend checking them out. Stream Group Therapy / Memory Foam here.