Welcome, Christine!

Christine_LowryIntroducing Christine Lowry, Director, Human Resources

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, where I took many dance classes and discovered my passion for music. I began going to concerts at a very young age, my first one being Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch! I’ve certainly come a long way since then, and have expanded my music taste to include anything from Hip Hop to Country. I still hold in my heart a love for cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, and Philadelphia sports. Sorry Giants fans, but I’m an Eagles fan through and through.


“Found Them First”? Spotify Can Tell You

Just last month, Spotify launched a new dedicated site to enable music lovers to see which artists they had listened to before everyone else. The site, which Spotify is calling Found Them First, is a standalone site that users can connect to their Spotify account in order to uncover what music they discovered “first.” (Go tastemakers!)


The Orchard Chart Toppers: September 2015

The Orchard Chart Toppers

September was a very special month for us at The Orchard: among our top charting artists, the legendary SLAYER hit #4 on the Billboard Top 200, as well as #2 best selling album in the world. In addition, the lovely Cecile McLorin Salvant‘s sophomore Jazz album, For One To Love, made it to the top 3 Heatseekers and top 30 Independent Albums, not to mention the Jazz genre charts. Judy Collins got back in the game with her first album in 4 years, featuring guest artists from Willie Nelson to Glen Hansard, as well as Jackson Browne, Jeff Bridges, Ari Hest and Bhi Bhiman. And over in Italy, rapper Coez hit #2 Top Albums which his new work, Niente che non va.

That’s not all: The Overnight, our sexy romp com from Sundance, came out on VOD and seduced viewers worldwide, making it to the top of iTunes’ Movies, Independent, Romance, Drama AND Comedy charts. If you haven’t seen it yet, boy you’re in for a treat. Take a look below for more chart toppers, and see you next month!


Finally Reunited: Aim & QNC Kick Bad Habits and Make Good Tunes

AimAndy Turner a.k.a. Aim released his acclaimed debut album Cold Water Music back in 1999 on Rae & Christian’s then burgeoning Grand Central Records. On that debut, Aim enlisted the vocal talents of NYC’s Q-Ball & Curt Cazal, a.k.a. QNC, for a track called “The Force“. Now, sixteen years and four artist albums later, they return for a full collaborative album featuring additional guest vocals from the late Sean Price, B-Luv [JVC Force], Grand Puba and Niko. I caught up with Andy to find out more.

The Habit of a Lifetime (And How to Kick It) — I love the album title, can you explain what it’s all about?

We had a few contenders for the title but this one stuck. It refers to our love of Hip Hop and more specifically US Hip-Hop from the late 80’s to mid 90’s. It also sounded like the name of an old 70’s pulpy self-help book you might find on a rotating stand at the airport which is where the artwork concept came from.


Freeloader Friday: Blackmore’s Night, Zombi & More

Blackmore's Night Album CoverFreeloader Friday has been celebrated for centuries. Rumor has it that when Columbus discovered the New World in 1492, he had a medieval band of mistrals aboard the Santa Maria, just so that he and his crew could get down on Freeloader Fridays as he sailed the open sea.

Being Columbus Day weekend, we might as well have a little history lesson. Medieval-Folk-Rock band Blackmore’s Night premiered a new music video this week with a 15th century flair entitled, “Will O’ Wisp.” With more than 50 years of musical bad-ass-ery under his boots, Ritchie Blackmore and his wife/bandmate, Candice Night, draw inspiration from from Celtic folklore and, appropriately, wear outfits consisting of tall hats, leather boots and flowing dresses. If you’re still having trouble grasping the concept, just think Dropkick Murphys circa 1500. Let’s digress.