Welcome, Nikoo!

Nikoo SadrIntroducing Nikoo Sadr, Interactive Marketing Manager, UK

Hey all, I’m Nikoo, joining The Orchard team as Interactive Marketing Manager in the UK. Previously, I was head of Digital Marketing training at Music Ally, where my over-excitement about great marketing campaigns led me to also write the “campaigns” section for Music Ally’s digital marketing magazine Sandbox.


BalconyTV Records Launches with “Live From the Outside”

BalconyTV-Records-Live-From-The-OutsideIf you’re not familiar with the worldwide institution that is BalconyTV, cancel your plans because you have some videos to watch. For those of you that don’t live under a rock, BalconyTV has a new way for you to listen to their seemingly endless live performances captured from around the globe. Say hello to BalconyTV Records!

The project’s founders launched a label to give you the opportunity to listen to live, handpicked tracks from their favorite artists. With that, you can find killer BalconyTV recordings on your streaming service or online store of choice.


Exercise Your Right to Vote: SXSW PanelPicker 2017 is Open

Vote-PanelPickerIt’s only been a few months since South by Southwest 2016 and we’re already gearing up for next year in The Orchard office. SXSW planning has begun and the action is kicking off with the 2017 SXSW PanelPicker, now officially up and running.

That’s right, the polls are open and voting has commenced! The Orchard’s SXSW 2017 music panel idea came from our ever-innovating sync licensing team. It’s called “You Got The Sync, Now What?


Disappearing Content is Here to Stay: Why You Should Care

Snapchat disappearing contentBy now, you’ve heard the buzz around Snapchat, every millennial’s favorite social platform. The app revolves around Stories, or a stitched-together series of photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Users adorn their Stories in doodles, text and silly lenses like the classic “face swap” that allows friends, family members and sometimes even dogs to swap faces. What did we do before that feature?

But don’t mistake Snapchat’s casual, silly vibe for anything less than serious competition. The app, founded less than 5 years ago, already has an audience of 150 million daily active users (that’s 10 million more than Twitter) and shows no signs of slowing down. As of March, it’s also the fastest growing social network in history(more…)

A New Kind of Movie Theater: The Metrograph

metrograph outsideThis week I visited the Metrograph Theater in downtown NYC.  The theater opened its doors in March after much fanfare from local cineasts and NYC tastemakers. The Metrograph is a movie theater first and foremost but it’s also an event space, a bar, a lounge and a restaurant. The theater focuses mostly on repertory programming but also dabbles in first run and rare prints that have never seen a theatrical debut. Its mission is to bring back those great cinemas of the 1920s that were a world of hospitality beyond just the movies they screened.