Welcome, Haseeb!

HaseebJavedIntroducing Haseeb Javed, Product Manager, Frontline

I grew up in Islamabad, Pakistan and moved to Vancouver, Canada, with my family for High School and University (UBC, Electrical Engineering). I moved south to California after graduation and worked in the SF / Silicon Valley area for a few years (SW and Wireless devices mostly), both in large organizations such as Sony Mobile and very early stage startups backed by YC.

After soaking in the Silicon Valley experience, I chose to move to New York two years ago — a decision that has kept me really happy and hungover :) Stints at TouchTunes and Sony DADC here in NY have helped me acclimatize to the Music and TV/Film world, easing my transition to Product Management at The Orchard. Very excited to be here!

Live Streaming for Musicians: Periscope vs. Meerkat

PeriscopeExplore the world in real time through someone else’s eyes.” That’s the tagline coined by Periscope, the shiny, new live streaming Twitter app that’s probably popped up countless times in your Newsfeed as of late. And whose eyes would you rather see the world through, than your favorite artist’s?

For those living under a social media rock, it all began just weeks ago when live video streaming app, Meerkat, launched, earning seemingly instantaneous, worldwide buzz and giving eager folks yet another people-watching opportunity. Just weeks later, Twitter responded by launching its own rival app, Periscope, which quickly earned its own social media acclaim. The application for musicians is obvious: grant fans an inside peek into life on the road, broadcast a concert, or host a live chat where the band can respond to comments as they roll in.


The Orchard Chomps Down on “Crocodile Gennadiy”

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 1.23.33 PMHere’s a documentary to put on your #mustsee list: Crocodile Gennadiy. Filmmaker Steve Hoover (Blood Brother) has gone up against many odds to bring audiences the truth behind what’s happening to Ukraine’s homeless youth, and how a man named Gennadiy Mokhnenko is trying to shake things up for the better.

Amid political turmoil following de-Sovietization, Ukranian city Mariupol is wrought with homeless, drug-addicted children. Pastor Gennadiy, known throughout the city for his actions, seeks after these children by night, fully intending to kidnap them and take them under his wing. Many have questioned his extreme methods; others praise his actions, pointing to his life-changing results.


Celebrating the Warm Weather with Compilations

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 4.28.12 PMIt’s beginning to look like spring has sprung, and now is the perfect time to shine a spotlight on our vast warm weather Mexican, Latin and Caribbean catalogs. As winter thaws, the Compilations Department has been working hard to highlight world class artists from across Latin America and the globe.

In addition to our already robust offerings of regional Mexican music and Cumbia, in recent weeks we’ve had our eyes set on exploring the worlds of Soca, Bachata and Reggaeton, among others.


Freeloader Friday: OOFJ, Mt. Wolf & More

889176427039It’s been a crazy-busy week here! We had a #MusicTech meetup in-house last night, a #RadialLive session yesterday afternoon… and, well… there’s that Star Wars trailer that dropped. That just about takes care of things. But, alas. The weekend hasn’t hit yet, which means we’ve still gotta take a look at our Freeloader Friday list.

So there’s this adorable couple AKA OOFJ that’ve teamed up to make some… music, among other things. You’ll have to read the actual article to figure out how they met — it’s super adorable (albeit in a twisted, Lars Von Triers) kind of way. They’re out with their second release which, judging by how they met, makes perfect sense. It’s glaringly brutal Dark Wave Electronica, so prepare yourselves. The album may take you down a very thought-provoking, introverted road.

In track premieres, be sure to catch Miniboone‘s riotous 90s Fuzz Pop that’s got a very chilled-out, almost melancholic (but in a good way) vibe. On a completely different musical note, everyone’s all-time favorite Doom-Thrash Metal band Slayer is back for the first time since 2009 with a truly gruesome track. Get excited.

In video news, Mt. Wolf (stay on top of these dudes — they’ve truly got something here) premiered a gloriously beautiful story for their “Hamburg” track. Perhaps a metaphor alongside actual events of a relationship gone astray? You be the judge.

Sit back & enjoy ’em all!

OOFJ: Full album stream via Noisey
Acute Feast out May 4 on Ring the Alarm

Heath: Full EP stream on GoldFlakePaint
February out now on Killing Moon Records

Gruesome: Full album stream via Decibel
Savage Land out April 21 on Relapse Records

Miniboone: “Any Other City” track premiere via Impose
Bad Sports out April 21 on Ernest Jenning Record Co.

Slayer: “When the Stillness Comes” track premiere via Rolling Stone
When the Stillness Comes out May 18 on Nuclear Blast

Big Freedia: “Ol’ Lady Remix (ft. Lazerdisk)” track premiere via Thump
Just Be Free out now on Queen Diva Music

Set It Off: “Why Worry” music video premiere via YouTube
Duality out now on Rude Records

Mt. Wolf: “Hamburg” music video premiere via YouTube
Red EP out now on X Novo

Breakage: “Future” music video premiere via YouTube
When The Night Comes out May 25 on Digital Soundboy