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Miiiiiilow is tired of using technology

September 17, 2008 Artist News No Comments

Aaaaaayo, are you tired of using technology?

Well if you’re Belgian, such fatigue hasn’t stopped you from using iTunes to make Milow’s new acoustic cover of 50 Cent’s “Ayo Technology,” one of the top 10 purchased downloads in your country!  Shout out to Belgium!  Keep the dream alive, Flanders!

If you’re Perez Hilton or Kanye West (or perhaps have taken some Be KANYE) you’ve even utilized weblog technology to announce fanfariously to the grand public:

Milow has arrived, with dancers.

And if you’re you (and we know you are!), you’re already setting your mouse pointer’s sights on the above link and clicking, since that will take you to the new “Ayo Technology” video from Milow!

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