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What The #&@$ Do You Do, Clint?!?

ClintCabralClint Cabral
Director, South Asia
Joined The Orchard in February 2013

You manage our India-based clients and releases. What the #&@$ does that entail, exactly?
I do! And I work with labels in the subcontinent as well — countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and a few clients in the Middle East. I’m responsible for both the Label and Retail side of things. We’ve got close to 100 labels that I work with in the regions mentioned above, with new ones being added regularly. Dealing with them all is crazy hectic but amazing at the same time, as they come from different cultures, speak various languages and in general have very different styles of working!

Like what kind of styles? Can you give us an idea of how working with a label in South Asia is different to working with one in the UK or US?
Well for instance, a lot my communication with some of the smaller regional labels happens telephonically rather than regular mails. I often find this to be more effective with them when trying to get things done. The one thing that most of our labels in these regions do need to improve on is the way they schedule/plan their releases. Lead time is a rare thing here! Something that we’ve been trying hard to achieve.

From an industry point of view, our labels’ digital revenues still come in predominantly from mobile VAS services like ringback tones. YouTube revenues are also a sizeable piece of the pie. However, the focus on the digital business other than mobile VAS is definitely increasing. Our labels are getting more and more active with us and at a healthy pace I might add, which is great! With new services launching in India shortly, we’ll have a much greater role to play in the region from a retail perspective. We are also close to finalising our contract with Gaana, India’s leading online streaming service.

We hear you’re a big deal in Bollywood and that your wife won one of the first Indian Female Band competitions over there. That must make for some interesting stories. Dish, please!
Ha ha — big deal in Bollywood, no way! I’m more of a behind the scenes guy…. I sing background vocals, arrange vocal harmonies, stuff like that for Bollywood Soundtracks among other genres — been at it since my college days. I love being part of the creative side of the music business as well, keeps me connected with the music, artists, producers… stuff like that. And yeah, my wife was part of the 1st BIG Indian all girl group called Viva that was formed by winners of a TV show on the lines of Popstars way back in 2002. During those years I was working as an A&R rep for the record label that produced their second album and that’s how we met! …the endless studio sessions definitely helped :)

You’re just a family of all-stars. Can’t wait to see how your kids turn out. Thanks for shedding light on what the #&@$ you do, Clint!

must-see Bollywood movie: I must admit… I’m not a big Bollywood fan, but we have been seeing some great alternative stuff of late with the new breed of Film directors. I’d recommend Rock On!, Luck By Chance, Delhi Belly, Rang De Basanti & Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara — all excellent films with great soundtracks!
favorite city to travel to: Tokyo, love the city for its ‘extreme’ modern way of living and yet you can still find a whole lot of great Japanese tradition as well. Two of my favourite things that I have from there are my tabi’s & a katana (the samurai sword)
music service or app you can’t live without: Jango app on my phone…. long time user.
random fact: I used to play state level football (soccer) before I started working in the music business…. good times :)

Welcome, Clint!

February 20, 2013 Orchard News No Comments

Clint CabralIntroducing Clint Cabral, Regional Manager, India

A BIG hi to everyone at THE ORCHARD (and beyond) I’m excited to be a part of the team.

I’ve been working in the music and entertainment business for the last 14 odd years. I’ve spent most of my life in Mumbai (Bombay), the soul of the entertainment business in India. My professional life has included working with music companies, dotcoms and digital content companies. I’ve always loved the music business, both the creative as well as the executive side. Apart from work, I also contribute creatively to Bollywood music, jingles, dabble in theatre and play soccer every weekend.


Spreading Our Reach to Asia

Singapore India flagsWe’ve all heard and felt the buzz about music’s expansion into Asia, and we felt it was about time we took the bull by the horns and set up shop there. So it’s with great excitement that we announce our new offices in Singapore and India, adding to our existing operations in over 25 markets.

With Priya Dewan leading the team in Singapore and Clint Cabral heading operations in Mumbai, India, The Orchard will now be offering Marketing and Client Support as well as Business Development and Content Acquisition in these rapidly growing markets.

Raised in the Philippines and Singapore, Priya has been developing Villains Music, a booking agency, merch company and music consultancy service for Asia. Prior to that, she was running Warp Records for North America. Priya also served on the board of A2IM, advocating the rights and assisting in the promotion of independent labels. Now, she will be bringing her knowledge from the U.S. music industry and marrying it with her work and personal experiences in Asia to add support to our growing client base and our expanding partnerships.

Clint brings over 13 years of experience in Licensing, Business Development and Marketing to The Orchard. As Business Head of Mobile Traffik, an OnMobile affiliated company, Clint has extensive experience in both Music and Technology sectors. This is complemented by his prior experience in Content and Licensing for and A&R with Times Music, a Times of India group company. These attributes and experiences will all help drive the growth of Asia business and enhance local support for The Orchard’s clients in those territories.

With the addition of these offices, The Orchard has enhanced support for new Asia partners including 2muse, the leading in-store background music content provider in China, 88tc88, a premier web and mobile-based music retailer servicing China and based in Beijing, Germany and LA and KKBOX, based in Taiwan, the leading provider of digital music subscription services in the Asia region.

In the words of Prashant Bahadur, The Orchard’s SVP, Strategy, “Priya and Clint both bring us expertise in their fields as well as global industry knowledge. With these offices in place, it allows us to continue to initiate partnerships to strengthen our relationships in Asia and provide scalable support to our client base in Asia.”

Looking forward to doing business with you, Asia!

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