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Digital News From Our World (To Yours)

Music Is A Big Hit On Facebook [New Stats] Forget Nashville, NYC & LA Buy More Country Music [INFOGRAPHIC] Cloud Service Psonar Now Live In Public Beta Dr. Luke and Sony: Manager Says Luke Plans to ‘Build the Label’ Organically Telia & Spotify Renew Partnership The Government To Close LVCR Tax Loophole The Myth Of… Read more »

Why Do I Need a Data Cloud? AND HOW DOES IT WORK?

Until now there has been one iron rule when it comes to information: data belongs on devices. Phone numbers are stored in the phone, text and photos on your computer. The “cloud” changes everything. After Google (Android phones) and Amazon, Apple has also joined the cloud services bandwagon. Now, the data from phone and computer moves to… Read more »

Sharing The Knowledge @ CMJ

Last week, Jason Pascal, The Orchard’s VP & Associate General Counsel, was invited to speak on two CMJ panels. An already experienced speaker, Pascal was honored to share his expertise on both industry trends and current legal discourses. Here’s a little more on the panels Pascal attended: 1.  The Cloud Is Shaped Like an $… Read more »