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Six Feet Above with Thee Oh Sees

February 22, 2013 Artist News No Comments

Thee Oh Sees - Floating CoffinIt’s difficult to avoid getting disillusioned by the myriad of homogenous music that is constantly being released. However, Thee Oh Sees have been combating this trend by putting out records that are consistently a breath of fresh air for music listeners, spanning a colossal spectrum of sounds, timbres, and themes. Their forthcoming record, Floating Coffin — out April 16 via Castle Face Records — is no exception to this prolific, musical phenomenon.

The songs on Floating Coffin, according to frontman, John Dwyer, reflect the attitudes of one experiencing a world perpetually consumed by war. It features songs like “Toe Cutter—Thumb Buster,” which lays down a deep, subterranean groove that harmoniously clashes with Dwyer’s delicate falsetto — all alluding to our desensitization to the atrocities that occur daily. However, in typical Thee Oh Sees fashion, they juxtapose these emotions with a whimsical song like “Minotaur,” which, rather than focusing on war, highlights the voyage to make reality of your destiny. From dreary to optimistic, this diverse collection of songs undulates and keeps you on your toes.

Along with having composed a massive catalogue of music with Thee Oh Sees, Dwyer has built up his chops by penning songs for his other projects including Coachwhips and Pink and Brown. Nevertheless, he remains primarily committed to Thee Oh Sees, bringing his multifaceted songwriting talent to the table, as is apparent on Floating Coffin. Though the record features a predominantly lugubrious overtone with flecks of sunshine, it is evident that Thee Oh Sees are very far from hitting the final nail in the coffin.

For proof, don’t miss them at this year’s Filter Magazine SXSW 2013 Day Party on March 16th at Clive Bar — 6PM.

I Will Rock As Long As I Don’t Have To Go To School – The Many Incarnations Of John Dwyer

June 11, 2008 Artist News No Comments

There are some people who you meet at one point or another in your life that you immediately recognize are not meant to lead, what most would consider, a normal life. Whether an athlete, designer, or in this case, musician, some people are born with a natural drive and almost inexplicable talent for doing things by their own accord, at times obnoxiously unapologetic. John Dwyer is one of those guys (but don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard the name).

Never one for the spotlight, Dwyer has started (and has been associated with) more bands, ranging in more styles, than most musicians even write songs. Getting his chops up around the infamous Fort Thunder scene of RISD in the mid-late ‘90s, he quickly became a leading figure in the movement, even if it did only last a few raucous years. During that time, Dwyer was in four bands (OCS – pronounced Thee Oh Sees, Pink & Brown, The Netmen and Landed) all with different members and different sounds. OCS being primarily for solo/instrumental/experimental home recordings, Landed being a noise rock/punk outfit known for their intense and physical live shows, The Netmen being an outlet for his more improvised stuff (along with the current bassist for Lightning Bolt, Brian Gibson) and Pink & Brown being a follow up noise rock/punk band formed when groups of people associated with Fort Thunder made their way westward to San Francisco. Even in those few years, he’d been part of at least a dozen recordings while garnering the attention of indie tastemaker labels such as Load Records, Narnack Records and even Deitch Projects.

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