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Explore YouTube’s New Copyright Claims Troubleshooter

Have you recently received a notification from YouTube regarding a copyright claim but are unsure of what it means? Well, have no fear, YouTube user! YouTube’s launched a new Copyright Claims Troubleshooter in their Help Center, making it easier than ever to pinpoint specific copyright issues related to your YouTube videos. The troubleshooter takes you step by step… Read more »

Making Dollars and Sense of Copyright on YouTube

YouTube is becoming more important to the music community both in terms of marketing and revenue as well as sharing and engagement. The platform is often confused as being solely a video player. However, as YouTube grows and channel creators become more ambitious, relationships are becoming the driving force of this video machine. The traffic… Read more »

Jason Pascal @ The Copyright Society of the South Luncheon

This Thursday, September 22nd, The Copyright Society of the South is hosting one of their monthly luncheons in Nashville, TN. I have the privilege of being the featured speaker at the event, and will be addressing the topic of Copyright Issues Facing The Modern Distributor, covering various issues such as cloud licensing, sound recording performance,… Read more »