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5 Reasons The Orchard Launched an Action Sports Film Division

December 6, 2011 Film/TV News No Comments

The Orchard has been incubating and developing its film distribution capabilities over the last four years, beefing up its infrastructure to handle the many complexities film distribution introduces, expanding its retail footprint to include the top online film outlets globally and creating a simplified process for its clients.

Recently we announced the launch of a new division, The Orchard Sports, with a very specific value proposition targeted at action sports and lifestyle film producers.

When you hear the word “sports”, action sports might not be the first thing that comes to mind. You might think of football or baseball, but there’s a specific sports community growing steadily, and it represents a lifestyle more so than a competition. It’s a world of outdoor enthusiasts from snowboarders and surfers to mountain bikers and rock climbers, each with sub-communities. And the best part of these extreme sports is the stage on which they’re filmed: the most beautiful edges of our planet.

Action sports films aren’t a video of a competition. They are part travel log, part Planet Earth, part music video and part Guinness Book of World Records. They combine never-been-done feats with the most visceral natural imagery and the hippest soundtracks. They challenge the viewer to not only figure out how the incredible stunts were performed, but how they were filmed…and what’s that great song in the background? The competition has shifted from the athletes to the films they produce.

Why did The Orchard launch a division targeting such a specific type of film distribution? Here’s 5 reasons why.

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