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Now That’s What I Call A Compilation

Who doesn’t love a great mixtape? A collection of handpicked songs that represent the best of the best of whatever genre, activity, theme, emotion, season, holiday, or mood those songs embody. And while many music lovers may say that compilations erode the value of the album, it cannot be refuted that compilations provide tremendous value… Read more »

Cut the “Ribbon” on Your Digital Store

So you’re a band with a new digital track, T-shirt, or sellable product and you want to get it out to your fans? But there’s a problem. You don’t have a strong digital storefront and your followers constantly have to jump through a series of hoops and login forms to buy your stuff. Well, fear… Read more »

Ladies and Gents, iTunes 11 Has Arrived

iTunes 11 is here! With a complete redesign of both the iTunes player and the iTunes store, we wanted to point out some great new features that you can use to optimize your listening and shopping experience. First, let’s start with the player itself. You will notice when you first open iTunes 11 that there… Read more »

You Asked, We Answered: Digital Sales Payouts

With streaming constantly under scrutiny for its payouts, licensing fees and revenues, the question of profitability and growth stays fresh in our minds. In that vein, we received the following question from our clients, and to answer it, we requested the professional insight of Tom Wheeley, Senior Director of Business Development. Why do digital payouts… Read more »

Digital Music on the Uprise in 2012

It’s no news that digital music has slowly been claiming a solid market share for the industry. But there are still improvements to be made and growth to be seen. Worldwide sales of digital music grew by 8% last year to 5.2 billion U.S. dollars as the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) announced… Read more »