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Freeloader Friday: Fiction Plane, Red Pill & More

The term “freeloader” sort of has a negative connotation — we know that. But here, we try to use it in a positive sense: Freeloaders work hard all week and deserve a Friday afternoon treat: to enjoy, without judgment, a few moments of hassle-free, uninterrupted music discovery. Shake off some stress and keep reading for The Orchard’s freshest-of-the-fresh. Take some… Read more »

We Don’t Just Sell Music, You Know

Over here in the Physical department at The Orchard, the sales reps are privileged to rep CDs from some of the finest musicans and DJs in the world. When a legendary DJ like DJ Premier is in the house to discuss his latest project, you best believe we’re paying attention! And we’re always happy to… Read more »

FanBridge and DamnTheRadio Now Unified

In a handy move to make managing fan interaction even easier, FanBridge, one of our Marketplace partners (read more about them here), has announced the complete integration of their platform with the marketing tools of DamnTheRadio (DTR). You no longer have to login through your DTR account to access these tools: everything is now available via the… Read more »