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We Don’t Just Sell Music, You Know

November 28, 2012 Artist News, Orchard News No Comments

DJ Comrade "Favela Trap"Over here in the Physical department at The Orchard, the sales reps are privileged to rep CDs from some of the finest musicans and DJs in the world. When a legendary DJ like DJ Premier is in the house to discuss his latest project, you best believe we’re paying attention! And we’re always happy to see someone like RJD2 pop by too. In 2012 so far, we’ve sold and marketed old school legends ranging from Premo to Pop royalty Dionne Warwick, from Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Dion to Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull, with his first collection of Original Hits. Of course, Pitbull’s booty shakin’ dancefloor anthems have their roots in both the Miami bass scene and his earliest mentor Luke and the Southern crunk beats popularized by his early producer and collaborator Lil Jon.

EDM, or Electronic Dance Music, is constantly evolving and morphing into the latest flavas. Somewhere in the mid-2000s DJ Diplo picked up on a Brazilian Dance craze, Baile Funk, the latest crossover music rockin’ all the favela (communal Brazilian shanty town) parties in the working class neighborhoods of Rio De Janeiro. Of course Diplo has gone on to become a superstar DJ and producer and spread the Brazilian funkiness everywhere he went in the States. Meanwhile back at The Orchard Sales department, Comrade Xão was working alongside some of the very same original sales reps who first blew up Pitbull, Lil Jon and Ying Yang Twins to gold, platinum and multi-platinum status. The Orchard got busy releasing greatest (or Crunkest) hits compilations from all three artists while Comrade Xao played parties in Brooklyn and visited the favelas of Rio to check out the party scene first-hand and show the locals his latest fusion of all of these influences. After a few close encounters with the machine gun toting favela security forces and the equally feared local polícia, Chris brought back his newly added Rio street knowledge to his mixes in New York.

And so it is with great pride that The Orchard Physical Sales department can now say, “we not only sell great music, but make it as well!” Ok, we know what you’re thinking…. sure, some of the reps have played in bands with label deals before and can rock a fierce, power chorded version of the Kinks “Father Christmas” at The Orchard Christmas party. Not what we’re talking about…. 5 minutes of fame on a small stage. Nah, Comrade Xao is rocking a complete full album release here, featuring some of Rio’s hottest MC’s over cutting edge Baile Funk/Trap beats and he’ll be hitting the sunny streets of Rio just in time to unleash Favela Trap for its December 12 street date. Check for it at your favorite online retailers and don’t take our word for it. Listen to Rio’s own DJ Wooles (Apavoramento Sound System): “DOPE!!! This style will bring a fresh air to baile funk overseas.”  And…. “There is only one release this year that I have been looking forward to for so f*&%#in’ long: DJ Comrade’s Favela Trap,” straight from the mouth of Dutch wonder kid and producer Munchi (Selegna, T&A, Mad Decent).

We see new releases come and go all the time over here. But fresh Dance music is like awesome fresh coffee, the real stuff hard is to find. Now you know!

Dive Into The Orchard’s Best of 2012 (So Far)

the orchard best of 2012Given the breadth of our catalogue, it is a fun (albiet daunting) task to pull together some of our favorite tracks of the year so far. So, we did it and you’ll love it!

We have a little bit of something for everyone. If you fancy some chill but cheery blues/jazz/gospel don’t miss the lovely Ruthie Foster. Need more metal in your life? Obvi Nuclear Blast‘s Meshuggah is included in the mix. Perhaps you want a fuzzy romantic indie tune? Radiation City‘s “Find It Of Use” will do it for you. Fancy some mildly offensive entertainment? Check out Bobby Light (AKA Rob Dyrdek)’s satyrical track “Do You Right” that has all the youngins dancin’.

Decide for yourself what your favorites are… We’ve got links to both Spotify and Rdio below, as well as our friends at ShareMyPlaylists — or you can listen to the playlist right now by just clicking Play below!

Best of 2012 (so far) on Spotify
Best of 2012 (so far) on Rdio
Best of 2012 (so far) on ShareMyPlaylists

Bumpy Knuckles and DJ Premier Release “KoleXXXion”

March 27, 2012 Artist News No Comments

dj premier bumpy knuckes kolexxxionGracie Productions has just released “Kolexxxion” by Bumpy Knuckles, a.k.a. Freddie Foxxx, and DJ Premier, an album both physically and digitally distributed through the Orchard.

DJ Premier is one of the most prolific producers in the history of Hip Hop. He has made tracks for the likes of Jay-Z, Nas, KRS-One, MC Lyte, The Notorious B.I.G., and so many other greats. He is one-half of the legendary duo Gang Starr with GURU, which has contributed an extensive catalog of music that is revered by many Hip Hop fans, fellow artists, producers, journalists, and DJs. Primo also has a show on SirusXM’s channel Hip Hop Nation, owns Headcourterz (formerly D&D Studios) and runs a record label called Year Round Records.

Freddie Foxxx has been in the game since ‘89. He has been a part of the two legendary crews Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit and the Gang Starr Foundation in addition to his current duties at Krupt Mob Entertainment Group. His resume includes “Freddie Foxxx Is Here,” “Crazy Like A Foxxx,” the critically acclaimed “Industry Shakedown,” “Konexion” and the recently released collaboration with KRS-One entitled “Royalty Check” where he produced the majority of the cuts on the album in addition to MC’ing.

On “Kolexxxion,” Premier and Bumpy get the party started with tracks like “Shake The Room” featuring Public Enemy’s legendary hype man Flavor Flav, “B.A.P”, “P.A.I.N.E.” and “D’Lah.”  Important topics dissected on this album are the lack of originality in today’s Hip Hop landscape where artists lack creativity in their rhymes or copy other artists in order to sell records, the problems of online piracy, and repetitive playlists on radio which have undermined the culture of Hip Hop. These issues are addressed on songs like “wEaRe aT WaR,” “OwnIT” and “FYPAU” as well as various interludes throughout the album where Bumpy drops words of wisdom reminiscent of his verbal gems on “Industry Shakedown.”

We also get a day in the life of Bumpy and Primo when they rode around with GURU and the rest of the Gang Starr Foundation on “The Gang Starr Bus.” Further, one of the most exciting collaborations which Primo deftly remixes is “Turn Up The Mics” where Bumpy and Nas trade rhymes which will surely warm the hearts of any Hip Hop fan. The album closes with “Word Iz Bond” in tribute to the late Headcourterz – an intergral part of the Gang Starr Foundation.

This record is a certified classic as Bumpy’s rhymes thoroughly compliment Premier’s production. If you want to get the true embodiment of what Hip Hop is all about, then look no further then “Kolexxxion.”

Download the album via iTunesAmazon and Rhapsody, and stream it on Rdio and Spotify.

Termanology Takes Us into the Studio with Premier, Pete Rock, Bun B. and More

August 26, 2008 Artist News No Comments

Election season’s heating up, and Boston bred, New York based MC Termanology is spitting Politics as Usual – his debut album due September 30th on ST/Nature Sounds Records poised to take him from “Unsigned Hype” to hip hop heavyweight. “How We Rock” finds Term teaming up once again with DJ Premier – the producer who blessed him with the beat for 2006’s underground anthem, “Watch How It Go Down” – and MC-about-town, Bun B. for a new scorcher of a single. Hip Hop Game TV already took us backstage for the making of the video with cameos by not only Primo and Bun B, but M.O.P’s Lil Fame, Grafh, Consequence, and more. And now Term’s giving us an even further glimpse behind the scenes with a new digi-EPK taking us into the studio with Premier (“Watch How it Go Down,” “So Amazing,” “How We Rock”), Pete Rock (“We Killin’ Ourselves”), and rappers Bun B and Lil Fame to watch how it all came together.

Watch it here. Get “How We Rock” here.

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