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Les Savy Fav Premiere New Root For Ruin Track, Combat Album Leak With Donation Page & Phantom Twitter Account

July 27, 2010 Artist News No Comments

Brooklyn art-punks Les Savy Fav premiered the debut single from their upcoming fifth LP Root For Ruin, titled “Let’s Get Out Of Here,” on Pitchfork yesterday.  The catchy banger of a track is now available for download for the low price of an email address, or if fans are stingier with personal info than with cash, they can purchase the single on iTunes.

By now most fans are aware that there is one more way to grab “Let’s Get Out Of Here,” as Root For Ruin, scheduled to be released September 14th, leaked this past weekend.  But in typical Les Savy Fav fashion, the band is using the leak as an opportunity to mess with the thieves, and have set up a Paypal account to accept guilt-free donations for the album.  They also promise that fans who pay extra will be “forgiven for sex sins and stuff AND we’ll tell Jesus to send you cookies.”  Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

As if that weren’t enough, Les Savy Fav (or is it?) also created a Twitter account for the ghost of Root For Ruin, calling it “u took my music.”  The account “haunts” the Twitter users who have illegally obtained the album by following them until they donate money.  So grab the leak if you dare, but the Root For Ruin phantom will find you!

Fans with a stronger conscience that would prefer to purchase an official, totally legit version of Root For Ruin won’t have much longer to wait, as the band also just announced that they’re releasing the album early.  Way earlier than the original 9/14 street date, in fact!  Starting next week, August 3rd, Les Savy Fav will offer the full digital album for purchase exclusively on iTunes in North America, and starting right now fans can pre-order Root For Ruin on iTunes!  Worldwide release dates TBD.

Pre-order Les Savy Fav’s Root For Ruin [Frenchkiss Records] on iTunes (N. America only):

Track List:
01 Appetites
02 Dirty Knails
03 Sleepless in Silverlake
04 Let’s Get Out of Here
05 Lips n’ Stuff
06 Poltergeist
07 High and Unhinged
08 Excess Energies
09 Dear Crutches
10 Calm Down
11 Clear Spirits

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