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Let’s Go to The Movies: “Rich Hill” Premieres in Theaters

Rich Hill PosterDoors opened on Friday to the highly anticipated theatrical release of Rich Hill. The buzz around this film began in January, when it won the prestigious Documentary Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, and it hasn’t stopped. Now the wait is over: Rich Hill is in theaters and — beginning today — available on iTunes.

The documentary chronicles the lives of three boys in an impoverished Midwestern town and the unique struggles they confront with their families. A year and a half of filming was masterfully edited into a 92-minute feature film, and the result is breathtaking. Critics have been singing the praises of Rich Hill as a social document, calling it a “vital documentary” and a “great service.” Indiewire even said that the film is “the type of media object that could and should be put in a time capsule for future generations.”

Visually, it has been hailed as “overwhelmingly gorgeous,” the work of a “gifted cinematographer with a poet’s eye.” The doc has earned spots on the “Must-See Lists” of Indiewire and Rolling Stone, as well as comparisons to the likes of Terrence Malick and to the recent film Boyhood.

For the film’s theatrical premiere, 15 year-old Andrew Jewell, one of the three boys from Rich Hill, joined Emmy Award-winning director Tracy Droz Tragos in New York City. The pair gave interviews on WNYC Radio and MSNBC, and participated in a Q&A following the theatrical premiere. Next, look out for Tracy Droz Tragos discussing the film on The Daily Show on August 7th. As the buzz around Rich Hill continues, you can find its theatrical listings here and box office information here. Rich Hill is also available on iTunes here.

Check out photos from the premiere and Andrew’s trip to NYC below:


“This Is Where We Live:” The Power of Unlikely Friendships

This Is Where We Live filmMaking their directorial debut, Josh Barrett and Marc Menchaca, who appeared on several episodes of Showtime’s hit show, Homeland, bring us This Is Where We Live, a film about the true meaning of family. It tells the quietly profound story of a friendship that develops between a twenty-five-year-old boy with cerebral palsy and a loner handyman who becomes his caregiver. But that’s not all — the boy’s father is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, his sister has grown dangerously distant, and his mother is the sole provider and slowly falling apart. The family is close to its breaking point, and the question is whether this new relationship can be its saving grace.

Set in Texas Hill Country, This Is Where We Live juxtaposes a complex family dynamic with a simple landscape. Its Texas backdrop makes it fitting that the film premiered and was “chosen from among 1,200 as one of eight to compete for best narrative feature” at the SXSW Film Festival in 2013. The setting is brilliantly paired with the story, allowing the film to ultimately challenge whether the place where we live is a physical space or an emotional one.

Official selection at Dallas International Film Festival 2013, Nashville Film Festival 2013, and Florida Film Festival 2013This Is Where We Live is out now on your favorite digital stores. Check out the trailer below:

“Codebreaker:” The Story of an Unknown Genius

CodebreakerYou may not have ever heard of Alan Turing. Yet, his impact on the outcome of World War II and technology today was monumental. Codebreaker, out earlier this month on your favorite digital video stores, makes his story known to the world.

Winner of the Audience Award at the 2012 Science TV and New Media Awards, Codebreaker is a film about Turing’s life as a scientist and mathematician who used his genius to break the German Engima code and help the British defeat the Nazis during World War II. In addition to saving millions of lives with his breakthrough, Turing also imagined a digital world far before anyone else. He had a visionary mind about the future of technology, but persecution by the British government prevented him from making even greater strides in the fields of computer science and artificial intelligence.

Told through documentary-style interviews as well as dramatic reenactments, Codebreaker reveals the war that went on within and outside of Turing’s mind. His homosexuality resulted in the government failing to recognize his contributions and instead forcing him to undergo chemical castration. Therapy sessions based on real conversations between Turing and his therapist give insight into the despair Turing experienced: at the young age of 41, Turing’s torment resulted in suicide.

Featured at over twenty-five major universities and corporate screenings at Google, Intel, Microsoft, AT&T, Société Générale and more, Codebreaker is a film that the world needs to see. Alan Turing is an unknown genius who should stand amongst Albert Einstein, Issac Newton and Charles Darwin, and this film finally gives him the recognition he deserves.

Discover the story of the scientist you never knew and check out the trailer below:

Locals Bring European Surf to Life in “The Old, The Young & The Sea”

The Old, the Young, & the Sea“Surfing is the king of sports,” says Juan Giriber of Cantabria, Spain. It is poignant discoveries like this one that make up The Old, The Young & The Sea, a documentary film out this week, as it chronicles the stories of sea lovers along the Atlantic coast of Europe. In it, director Mario Hainzl and producer Andreas Jaritz, plus a team of cinematographers and two Volkswagen buses, embark on a twenty-week European exhibition and share their findings of culture, diversity, and individuals willing to share their heartwarming stories.

Simply put by the film’s website, this is “a movie about the people who inhabit, visit, surf and protect the European shores.” With it, viewers will quickly realize that local accounts are the best kind, and that learning from the people actually spending their lives at or by the sea gives an honest, non-commercial view of surfing and coastal living. Unlike Australia or America, the Atlantic coast has maintained an innocence and privacy to its surfing culture, and this film captures that perfectly.

Winner of Best Movie and Viewers’ Choice Award at Cologne Surf Film Festival 2013, Audience Choice Award at Wavescape Surf Festival 2013, and Viewers’ Choice Award at Munich Surf Film Festival 2013, The Old, The Young & The Sea is a special kind of film any surfing lover simply has to see.

Catch The Old, The Young & The Sea now on your favorite digital video store, and check out the trailer below.

“Isolated:” More Than Just a Surfing Paradise

Isolated CoverWhen Executive Producer Geoff Clark and Director Justin Le Pera gathered a group of feral surfers to make a documentary film about going to uncharted territory to surf undiscovered waves, their “Endless Summer” mission quickly turned into an adventure more like “The Cove.” As the five surfers travel to West Papua in Indonesia to seek out the last great wave, they also find a lost world of danger, cruelty and even real-life cannibals. Deemed the “best non-fiction film of 2013” by Phil Hall at Film Threat, “Isolated” reveals the story of a forgotten people whose subjugation has yet to be recognized or addressed.

Out this week, “Isolated” has been featured in over thirty Film Festivals in seven countries and won the Best Film Award at the Portuguese International Film Festival in 2013. The film’s subtlety in sending a political message without taking the focus too far from surfing makes it extremely effective in convincing viewers of the importance of the cause.

“Isolated” has gained much media attention due to the fact that it’s produced and narrated by actor and celebrity Ryan Phillippe. His large social media following resulted in the support of over fifty other powerful celebrities, as well as hundreds of everyday people. Together, Phillippe and the other creators of the film started an awareness campaign that asks people to become an “Isolated Ambassador for Peace.” The movement has been successful thus far in gaining awareness, but the main goal is to get 25,000 signatures on a “petition requesting the White House to force the Obama Administration to address the Human Rights crisis in West Papua.”

Watch the trailer below for a preview of this intense and moving film, and find it live on stores now.

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