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Make Concerts As Special As Can Be With Foursquare

Checking-in… Originally associated with hotels, flights, and eventually out-of-town conferences. No longer, friends – no longer. By now you’re surely already familiar with Foursquare, the app that prompts you to check in to restaurants, parks, movie theaters, yoga classes, and of course, concerts! In exchange for checking in, users get points and – if they’re… Read more »

Why Snagged the Grand Prize at Spotify’s Music Apps Hack Weekend

This past weekend, I attended Spotify’s Music Apps Hack Weekend at SPiN, Susan Sarandon’s Manhattan ping pong club (yes, she loves ping pong THAT much). The Music Apps Hack Weekend is a 48-hour Hackathon where developers, coders, designers, and business minds can come together to develop products and ideas to build on Spotify’s new app platform…. Read more »

Foursquare’s ‘Arrivals’ App Takes Tips from Airport Terminals

Foursquare is constantly looking for ways to innovate their popular social media platform and may have struck another milestone. ‘Arrivals’ is a Foursquare app which allows users to see friends’ locations displayed on a separate screen. Its design, inspired by airport arrival boards, was created to be informative without being intrusive. The screen updates with… Read more »

Mobile + Music: A Dream Team?

I have an iPhone. On it I have Spotify, Facebook, Tweet Deck, Sound Cloud, Four Square, YouTube and a dozen other related apps. This was the space that mobile operators were supposed to control. But they completely missed the opportunity. I remember speaking at a MusicAlly event in 2008 in London with Ralph Simon and… Read more »

Foursquare Enables Official Check-In’s @ Events

For many of us, checking into Foursquare has become as commonplace as sending an email. Apparently the good folks over at Foursquare caught wind of this and have ramped up to make check-ins official. So what’s the difference? Well, instead of just checking into a place, you’ll be able to go to an event and… Read more »