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Freeloader Friday: Nothing, Lushes, The Unsemble, My Morning Jacket, Missing Persons’ Dale Bozzio, Ringworm, Kina Grannis, Sun Glitters & Magnolia Memoir

February 28, 2014 Freeloader Friday No Comments

Nothing - Guilty of Everything AlbumWe’ve reached the end of another week, and the end of a brutally cold month — here’s to hoping March will bring us some warmer days. Looking on the bright side, though, we’ve got a slew of new tunes for you on this happy Friday.

You might still be recovering from a big night out, or maybe you never even left the office. Either way, listening to Nothing’s album in full will definitely help you nurse your early weekend wounds with their Hardcore/not-so-Hardcore Shoegazey sound. Lushes, on the other hand, will ease you out of zombie-mode and get you into your last-stretch end-of-week work-mode with their frenzied Rock noise, coming at you from their debut album. Get your final motivation boost with The Unsemble, whose album is so full of chaotic, experimental and flurried Rock instrumentals, you might have to take a breather every now and then.

Now for some track premieres: My Morning Jacket’s “Farewell Transmission” cover (a beautiful tribute to the late Jason Molina) has a fantastic underlying tribal beat to go along with the anthemic Rock. I Am The Avalanche have a new head-bopper of a Punk-Rock track that’ll more than likely get you a little buzzed. Meanwhile, Dale Bozzio (of Missing Persons) is back with a Pop-Rock ballad of bounciness, and Metalcore vets Ringworm have a furiously charged track that’ll be sure to wake you up from your post-lunch food coma. But careful, because Au Revoir Simone‘s Glam-Pop Trance tune might just send you right back into a daydream state.

To get your mind ready for your 2-day vacay, how about some music videos to get you to the finish line? Lovely lady Kina Grannis premieres a glorious and melodic lyric video; Sun Glitters provide a free-falling, ambient track that might make you feel like you’re in Middle Earth; and last, but absolutely, positively not least, newcomers Magnolia Memoir roll out quite the star-studded video (it’s like ‘Where’s Waldo’ for celebs).

So, Freeloaders, stop your complaining about this bitter cold. Get to enjoying these freebies, and have a fun-filled weekend while you’re at it!

Nothing: Full album stream on NPR
Guilty of Everything out March 4 on Relapse Records

Lushes: Full album stream via Stereogum
What Am I Doing out March 4 on Felte

The Unsemble: Full album stream via Pitchfork Advance
The Unsemble out March 4 on Ipecac Recordings

My Morning Jacket: “Farewell Transmission [Songs: Ohia cover]” track premiere via Pitchfork
Farewell Transmission: The Music of Jason Molina out April 22 on Rock the Cause

I Am The Avalanche: “Where Were You” track premiere via DIY
Wolverines out March 18 on I Surrender Records

Missing Persons’ Dale Bozzio: “Hello Hello” track premiere via USA Today
Missing In Action out March 4 on Cleopatra Records

Ringworm: “One Of Us Is Going To Have To Die” track premiere via Pitchfork
Hammer of the Witch out March 18 on Relapse Records

Au Revoir Simone: ““Boiling Point (Todd Rundgren Remix)” track premiere via Stereogum
Brightness/Contrast – EP out March 4 on Instant Records

Kina Grannis: “The Fire” lyric video premiere via YouTube
Elements out May 6 on One Haven Music

Sun Glitters: “Closer to the Sun” video premiere via The Fader
Scattered Into Light out now on Mush Records

Magnolia Memoir: “Odds & Ends” video premiere via VEVO
Odds & Ends [Single] out now on Pale Fire

Freeloader Friday: Local Natives, Menahan Street Band, Travis Barker & Yelawolf, Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson, Matthew E. White, Hey Sholay and Sophie Auster

November 30, 2012 Freeloader Friday No Comments

Local Natives "Breakers"Aaaand, we’re back! To make up for eating lots of great food last week (or hearing about it), we’ve put together a collection of awesome music and visuals to go with it.

That’s right — you’ll notice we’ve got a slew of music videos for you, and they’re all exceptional and unique in their own way. First, we start with Local Natives‘ “Breakers.” You already caught a preview of the track in a previous Freeloader Friday, and now you get the full visual experience. Travis Barker and Yelawolf, Matthew E. White and Sophie Auster are also on board the music video train with some fresh content from their newly released albums. All that makes this single stream from Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson a special treat to be savored, a break from the explosion between your eyes and your brain that you can enjoy with your lids closed or in the dark… that is, if you haven’t already turned out the lights after Menahan Street Band‘s “Lights Out” or Hey Sholay‘s “Dreamboat…”

To the listening board!

Local Natives: “Breakers” music video premiere via Pitchfork
Hummingbird out January 29 on Frenchkiss Records

Menahan Street Band: “Lights Out” music video premiere via Noisey
The Crossing out now on Daptone Records

Travis Barker & Yelawolf: “6 Feet Underground” (feat. Tim Armstrong) music video via YouTube
Psycho White out now on Lasalle Records

Hey Sholay: “Dreamboat” music video via YouTube
((O)) out now on Fierce Panda Records

Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson: “Nasty” (feat. Planet Asia) via Mello Music Group
Dice Game out now on Mello Music Group

Matthew E. White: “Will You Love Me” music video premiere via Pitchfork
Big Inner out now on Hometapes/Spacebomb Records

Sophie Auster: “Run Run Run” music video via PaperMag
Red Weather out now on Lost Colony Music

You Can’t Compete With Free

November 10, 2011 Industry Trends No Comments

Have you ever read a business book? If you have, you know that the first thing you learn is that you need to start by answering some very basic questions like:

  • What is the Market Opportunity?
    –    What problem do you solve?
    –    How large is the potential market?
    –    How fast is the market growing?
  • Who are your customers?
  • What are the benefits of your product or service?

It seems really simple but I hear people in the music industry asking very different questions like:

  • How do we stop piracy?
  • How do we increase the sales of albums?
  • Why isn’t digital replacing physical?

The music industry needs to go back to basics and answer some fundamental questions. We have always been in the business of solving problems for our customers – fans of music. We probably just didn’t realize it at the time.

We sold them sound recordings so they could listen to music in their homes whenever they wanted. We made music portable so they could listen to their collections on the go. Cassettes were great. Then we made it even better with CDs. Fans weren’t really buying music (and the music industry was never even selling it in the first place. Consumers don’t “own” the music they buy.). They were paying to have problems solved. Their lives were made better thanks to innovation.

There is a lot of money to be made in the music business if you focus on the customer instead of protecting your core business. Consumers don’t have a problem getting an abundance of cheap or free music. That problem has been solved whether you like it or not. But they do have problems discovering new music they may like, getting closer to their favorite artists, listening to their collections on any device, sharing with their friends and the list goes on and on. They will happily pay for these things and currently do. But there are still so many opportunities and unfilled market demands.

This is the best time to be in a band or be in the music business. Who doesn’t love music? Start asking the right questions. A little tip… “How do we compete with free?” is not one of them. Don’t compete with free. Delight consumers and they will come back for more.

Freeloader Friday: The Black Angels, Ganglians, Whirr & Young Man

Yay, it’s Friday all over again! And what does that mean? Yes, we get to give away FREE music! So plug in your favorite headphones, sit back, relax, and let these artists take you on a ride:

The Black Angels: “Yellow Elevator #2″ via
Phosphene Dream out now on Blue Horizon Records

Ganglians: “Drop The Act” via Stereogum
Still Living out August 23rd on Lefse Records

Whirr: “Junebouvier” via Brooklyn Vegan 
Distressor out now on Tee Pee Records

Young Man: “Boy” EP via Noise Trade
Boy out August 31st on Frenchkiss

The (FREE) Mog Blog

January 19, 2011 Industry Trends No Comments

As new digital music services open their doors, they’re not only trying to find ways to differentiate themselves, but to also draw new users to their sites. This rocks because it allows you to try some of these services for FREE NINETY NINE.

MOG has set themselves apart and have gotten creative with a promotion we haven’t seen other retailers do thus far. The US based streaming service is running a program for a FREE month of access if you spend a measly 90 seconds watching an Xbox Kinect trailer for the game “Dance Central”.

Additionally, the MOG app is free on your iPhone, iPod touch, or Android (sorry Blackberry users). Like Rdio and other streaming services, this app allows you to cache albums on your phone during your free month. If you’re not familiar, the capability to cache lets you ‘”download” or “borrow” the music to use on your mobile device without streaming. You don’t need an internet or network connection.

So run, don’t walk, to your nearest computer and get your free month at MOG today.  Your ears (and your wallet) will thank you.

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