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Freeloader Friday: Alexis Taylor, Dan Reed Network & More

Last week, we embarked on the crazy rock n’ roll train. This week, The Rind is turning the knob down from 11 to start your weekend with some mellow jams. Let’s kickstart the vibes. We are all familiar with Hot Chip‘s sweet electronic sounds, but lead singer Alexis Taylor is venturing down a much different path on his solo project’s second effort following 2014’s Await Barbarians. The… Read more »

Freeloader Friday: Ugly Heroes, Rogue Wave & More

This week brought in a fair share of fresh new tracks from The Orchard’s crop. Let’s jump right in, shall we? Fans of intellectually invigorating hip-hop, rejoice — Ugly Heroes are back. The collaborative project of Detroit producer Apollo Brown and emcees Red Pill and Verbal Kent resurfaced this week with “This Word,” the first track from the upcoming LP, Everything In Between. Almost two years have passed since Ugly… Read more »

Freeloader Friday: Phoria, Weekend Nachos & More

If you’re expecting me to pull an April Fools’ Day prank on you today, rest assured — Freeloader Friday will be the much-needed stability in your life today, the unwavering friend that avoids the inevitable hoax. You can thank me later. On that note, let’s dive into this week’s new releases. Coming in from the same city that has brought you The… Read more »