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Why Spotify Needs to be Worth $3.5B

Recent rumors abound that Spotify is seeking a massive round of venture capital funding – a round that would value the company at a reported $3.5B. Initial reactions seem to be, essentially, “Wow, that’s high.” Indeed, $3.5B is a lot of money. But there are many persuasive arguments to the effect that Spotify is worth… Read more »

Digital News From Our World (To Yours)

Study: FM Radio Is Still The Biggest Source for Music Discovery Twitter Not A Common Activity After Music Discovery The Brand Pages Faceoff: Google+ vs. Facebook Spotify Expected To Launch In More Countries This Week (Belgium, Austria, Switzerland) Google Music to Launch Wednesday? Slow Growth for Digital Music

Why Do I Need a Data Cloud? AND HOW DOES IT WORK?

Until now there has been one iron rule when it comes to information: data belongs on devices. Phone numbers are stored in the phone, text and photos on your computer. The “cloud” changes everything. After Google (Android phones) and Amazon, Apple has also joined the cloud services bandwagon. Now, the data from phone and computer moves to… Read more »