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Why Millennials Seek Stardom: Creators, Technology, Love & The New American Dream

A generation coined The Millennials, a.k.a Generation Y, born between 1980 and 1995, grew up with praising parents, record college attendance, plentiful prizes and trophies, media overload, social technology, American Idol and glossy public celebrities.  The corporate and industrial, hard working Baby Boomers raised their children to lead the lifestyle they never could, telling them… Read more »

Online + In-Venue = To The Bank

In honor of holiday shopping, Google, the master of my domain, published stats about how consumers research and purchase products online and offline, many times intermingling the two. The most common process, at 51%, is to research online and then buy in-store. I can understand that, and should probably do it more often to avoid… Read more »