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To Point Fingers and Claim Responsibility… Or Not

Last month in Germany, the Federal Court made a ruling which moved to limit the liability of parents for their minor children’s illegal music sharing. The court’s decision stipulates that parents are not liable for the illegal music file sharing of their minor child if they have educated their children enough about the prohibition of participating… Read more »

Digital Music Is Flourishing: The Music Industry Is Willing To Learn

According to a recent survey by the Bundesverband Musikindustrie (Federal Association of Music Industry) in Germany, legally purchased digital music is an expanding market in which it is worth investing. The music industry has often been criticized for having too few available digital music and streaming deals – which is one reason why illegal streaming… Read more »

95% Of All Downloads Are Still Illegal…

The Digital Music Report states that still 95% of all downloads remain illegal! People are buying more music, but the damage caused by piracy will cost us more than a million creative jobs by 2015. The international record industry has called on governments around the world to fight stronger against illegal music downloads from the… Read more »