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SXSW Panels: Record Producers and Music Startups!

March 11, 2013 Orchard News No Comments

Richard Gottehrer Josh Builder

Newsfeeds, Twitter/Instagram feeds beware…. it’s SXSW time.

If you’re going to be in Austin this year, put a hold on the margs and BBQ and head over to the Austin Convention Center (ACC) for some actual brain food.

We have two of our staffers on panels this year and we wanted to make sure you were aware of them. This year we’re covering Record Producing and Start Up Growth.

Hope to see you there!

The Evolution of the Record Producer
w/ Richard Gottehrer

Friday, March 15
Room 17B — Austin Convention Center
Start Time: 5:00 PM End Time: 6:00 PM

When Music Startups Grow Up
w/ Josh Builder

Wednesday, March 13
Room 10C — Austin Convention Center
Start Time: 3:30PM End Time: 4:30PM

We’ll just leave you with Josh’s icy stare and Richard’s cheery grin for now, and see you in Texas.

Jason Pascal and Josh Builder Tackle Copyright and Cloud Technology This Month

March 14, 2012 Orchard News No Comments

If you weren’t able to make it down to SXSW this week for the four panels we’re participating in, here are two you can catch nearby at the end of the month:

Right here in New York, Jason Pascal – VP, Licensing & Associate General of The Orchard – will be at the Institute for Information Law & Policy to talk about international approaches to copyright reform. The date is March 27; RSVP to this address by 3/20.

If copyright isn’t your thing, head down South (though not as far as Austin!) to Philadelphia for March 28, when The Orchard’s CTO Josh Builder will be attending Phorum, a technology conference for business and IT professionals. There, he will participate in a panel entitled “Views from the Enterprise,” where he and other industry experts will discuss the impact of cloud technology on their business and how it could help benefit them in the future.

Here’s all the information you need to catch Jason and Josh this month:

Panel Discussion: International Perspectives on Copyright Reform
with Jason Pascal
6:00pm – 8:00 pm
Faculty Commons, W201 (185 W. Broadway – New York, NY)

Is current U.S. copyright law effectively dealing with online piracy? What laws have countries such as France, United Kingdom, and Spain implemented to address the piracy issue? Has anyone found the solution? Our program will address various international approaches to copyright law regulation as a means to combat piracy. Our discussion will focus on recent legislation such as HADOPI (three strikes) in France, the now-abandoned PIPA/SOPA in the United States, Sinde Law in Spain, and international treaties such as ACTAe. Panelists will compare the effectiveness of these approaches and the impact that it has on curbing online piracy.

Panel Discussion: Views from the Enterprise (Track 2)
with Josh Builder
2:45pm – 3:30pm
World Café Live (3025 Walnut Street – Philadelphia, PA)

A panel of enterprise users discuss how cloud technology is impacting their business models and enabling them to disrupt competition, create new economic models and gain market share. Panelists include Josh Builder of The Orchard, Robert Butler of the Hay Group, Simon Moss of Pneuron Corporation and a representative from JPMorgan Chase. Moderated by Rob Kelley.

The Orchard Set to Make a Texas Sized Splash at SXSW 2012

March 8, 2012 Orchard News No Comments

(Just to get in the mood, while I’m writing this, I’m listening to our Don’t Mess With Texas SX+Orch Sampler on Rdio. I recommend you do as well while you read this post. Its also up on Spotify AND Amazon!)

We’re talking SXSW here. No other festival in the world has Europeans Facebooking about breakfast tacos and Shiner Beer three months before their arrival. Nor can any other festival compete with the charm of the beloved Austin, Texas. Austin Hippies and Hipsters unite. If you’re not a Hippy or Hipster, you don’t even care – you’re in Texas, in March, and it’s 70 degrees. Not to mention you’re listening to an unmatchable variety of artists out of 2K buzz acts from around the globe.

That said, we can’t forget that it’s not all play. SXSW hosts a ton of amazing panels and educational events that reflect the side of SXSW that reminds us that we mean business, too. We have some of our very own staff members getting their panel on at SXSW this year:

Bring your questions and notepads as you’re bound to learn something from this crew!

This year, on the heels of some exciting news (did you hear?) we’re lucky to be joining our friends from IODA for their Day Party on Wednesday March 14th at The Red Eyed Fly. They’ve got a killer line up with the likes of The Oh Sees, Dan Mangan, Ruthie Foster, Y La Bamba and many more. Check out IODA’s Free SX Music Sampler here.

Coming Soon To A City, Conference or News Feed Near You…

If you haven’t heard from us in a while, you must have been living under a rock…  In addition to being all over Twitter and Facebook, we here at The Orchard have had a great many newsworthy things going on, and we just can’t keep quiet about it! It’s one thing to announce things like how The Orchard turns 15 this year, how we have some incredible new signings and continue to celebrate our devoted clients and how our EU team is undergoing expansion and restructuring, but those are just words! Where’s the face time you ask?

Well for starters, we just wrapped up our time at MIDEM this year. Our VP of Product Marketing, Jaclyn Ranere, hosted an informative session in the Innovation Lab to spread the good word about The Orchard. Also, not to be overshadowed, was the Orchard Penthouse Party that actually made headlines – yep, that’s right, start takin’ notes.

While some of our team was battling the uncharacteristically bad weather in Cannes, our SVP of Marketing, Pete McCarthy shipped off to sunny Cali to attend D: Dive into Media. He joined in on the timely conversation about what changes in media we can expect, what changes we’ve seen and what that means for The Orchard and the industry as a whole.

If you call New York home, you hopefully made it to our NYC Music/Tech Meet-Up. If you missed it, we forgive you and fear not! We plan to host more of these meet-ups as it was a great way for the NYC music and tech community to gather for some hang time that’s NOT in a meeting room.

As we continue on with our Tour de Orchardites, our CTO  Josh Builder will be co-hosting a panel at San Francisco Music Startup Academy hosted by The panel, Getting Under The Hood: Music Operations For CTOs and Developers, will take place on February 14th, and Josh and his co-panelists will discuss action items from a technical standpoint for budding music companies. Can’t wait? Here’s a sneak peek.

Finally, lest we forget South by Southwest in Austin, Texas this March. We will be dusting off our chaps and boots and riding our purebreds down to the Lone Star State (we wish… great visual though, right?). The Orchard CEO, Brad Navin, will be moderating a panel called Navigating the Middle that will dive into the discussion of using (or not using) a so-called “middle-man” to market your music.

We’re moving fast, so to keep up: watch The Daily Rind for all things Orchard, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and if you’re attending one of the events mentioned above, please feel free to reach out at

Josh Builder Named Chief Technology Officer

May 25, 2011 Orchard News No Comments

Today we announced that Josh Builder has been named Chief Technology Officer. Josh has been with The Orchard for 5 years and is based in the company’s New York City office.

As CTO, Josh will oversee product strategy, product technology design, development, and content management/delivery systems. Josh’s expertise of emerging technologies and The Orchard’s infrastructure enables The Orchard to provide scalable sales, marketing and business support to entertainment companies.

“Through his proven leadership and vision for our technology roadmap, Josh is the obvious choice to manage this area of our business and take our technology platform to the next level, ” says Brad Navin, CEO of The Orchard. “We also get the added benefit of someone who understands our clients’ needs and has lived our Orchard culture for many years.”

In 2010, Josh was named one of Billboard’s ‘30 Under 30’ on the strength of the internal systems and client tools his team has designed. Release Builder and Artist Builder are examples of sophisticated products that were created during Josh’s tenure, and named appropriately. Release Builder enables users to upload music, metadata and artwork for their releases, individually or many releases at once, as well as repackage the assets into compilations and bonus/deluxe/exclusive albums.  Artist Builder is a social marketing tool that makes it easy for users to simultaneously update multiple social profiles and websites with tour dates, photos, videos, and news.

Josh said, “My technology and music experiences have helped prepare me to build a superior platform for music and video content owners. It’s been an exciting 5 years at The Orchard, and I look forward to helping shape our continued progress.”

You wanna know more about Builder?
During the first part of his Orchard tenure, Josh managed the content management and delivery system that interfaces with hundreds of digital outlets around the world. Josh started to build the Product Development team in 2009 and then orchestrated a new structure for The Orchard’s development methodologies and engineering tactics.Prior to The Orchard, Josh managed wireless technology trials at T-Mobile. After graduating with a BS in Information Systems & Economics from Carnegie Mellon, Josh started a record label, North Street Records, and a music website, Loose Record, which covered live music in 6 cities. He’s been an avid record collector since his early teens.

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