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Meshuggah Slithers Back to the Stage — And Your Library

February 20, 2013 Artist News No Comments

Meshuggah-Scion AVMeshuggah may translate to “crazy” in Yiddish but that doesn’t mean it has anything to do with the Swedish Metal band and its highly technical sound. What, who are we kidding, of course it does! With the release of last year’s Koloss, which debuted at #17 on the US Billboard charts (the highest US debut for the band), the historic rockers continue to push the boundaries of Metal (and crazy), combining uptempo Thrash with Jazzy, melodic virtuosity.

Now, the group is channeling that signature sound into their newest effort, Pitch Black, a collection of two previously unreleased tracks. The exclusive offering is being released in partnership with Scion A/V and includes the songs “Pitch Black” and “Dancers to a Discordant System (Live).” The title track came together in July 2003 and was recorded by Fredrik Thordendal at Fear and Loathing Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. And to get an idea of what Meshuggah looks like in the studio, you should check out Thomas Haake’s behemoth drum kit setup — it makes regular drum sets look like toys.

The second song, “Dancers to a Discordant System,” was recorded live at Distortion Fest in Eindhoven, Netherlands in 2012. You can expect plenty of the band’s eclectic sounds — heavy guitar riffs, polyrhythmic drum beats and diminished, progressive melodies — on both tracks of the compilation.

In tandem with the two-track release, Meshuggah is headlining “The Ophidian Trek 2013 — 2nd Slithering” tour with guests Intronaut and Animals as Leaders. The tour kicked off on February 11 in Orlando, Florida and has confirmed dates through March 3. Scion A/V is sponsoring ticket giveaways for the tour over on their Twitter feed, so if you like free stuff and epic live shows (and who doesn’t?), you should go to the contest’s official page for more ticket information.

Pitch Black is currently available for free as a digital download on the Scion A/V website, and the limited edition 10-inch vinyl record can be picked up at Meshuggah‘s merch table on their current tour. Full tour dates after the jump.

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Happy 25th Birthday Nuclear Blast!

Nuclear BlastThe Orchard and Nuclear Blast have been friends a long time, continuously working and innovating together in the Metal genre and New Media for many years. We’re excited to celebrate the label’s 25th milestone this Fall!

Since Nuclear Blast‘s inception in 1987, founder Markus Staiger has developed it into one of the biggest independent labels in the world. Founded in Donzdorf, Germany, Nuclear Blast has launched such artists as Meshuggah, Testament, Nightwish (Europe-only), Children of Bodom, Anthrax (Europe-only), Dimmu Borgir, All Shall Perish, Epica, Exodus and Accept. They are now 150 employees strong and have offices operating in L.A. in addition to their original hometown offices in Donzdorf.

The Orchard began its collaboration with Nuclear Blast in 2006 as their exclusive digital distributor outside of Europe. As our suite of services has expanded, we have been proud to partner with Nuclear Blast to execute some of the most innovative Interactive Marketing campaigns in modern independent music. We’re also thankful that Nuclear Blast is always willing to embark on frontiers that labels of their genre haven’t ventured into before.

Here are some highlights from our solid partnership with Nuclear Blast:

A Mobile Metal First

In May 2009, we launched the first Metal iPhone app with the Nuclear Blast artist Suffocation via our partnership with app developer Mobile Roadie. This was swiftly followed by the Nuclear Blast Radio app, which was the first of its kind in the genre, as well.

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MESHUGGAH Kicking It Up The Billboard Charts

April 5, 2012 Artist News No Comments

meshuggah, nuclear blast, koloss, billboard

It’s hard to have missed them… And they’re impossible to ignore… If you’re not already on the MESHUGGAH roller coaster, get your tickets now!

Their latest release, Koloss, came out last week on Nuclear Blast and blazed its way to the top of all the charts. Currently #17 on the Billboard Top 200, the album sold over 18,300 albums in its first week – 31% of which was digital! That’s pretty impressive for a band that’s been together since 1987…! It just goes to show, when you’ve got chemistry like these guys, there’s no other way but up.

Indeed, with that debut on the Top 200 and spots like #2 on the Billboard Independent Albums chart, #3 on the Current Hard Music Albums chart, #3 on the Top Hard Music chart, #9 on the Current Rock chart, and #16 on the Top Current Albums chart, the shy, elusive musical geniuses from Sweden secured the highest first week sales and Billboard debut positions in the history of Nuclear Blast USA.

They also conquered Canada at #24 on the Canadian Top 200 chart and #4 slot on the Hard Music chart, and Europe, where they experienced a career first on the German album chart: a debut at #48.

Needless to say, Nuclear Blast and the band were very excited — exclamation points don’t lie — “Great news!! Guess all the efforts, the covert sessions, and painstaking, soul-numbing seances performed to reach the souls of former chart toppers – now in the life beyond – have finally come to fruition!! We thank them and we thank you, our fans!!! We just made an album. You guys put it on the charts!!!”

Catch MESHUGGAH on their “SCION A/V PRESENTS: The Ophidian Trek” tour, for which you can win two tickets for each show on the tour thanks to this awesome giveway! And be sure to also check out their Spotlight Playlist on Spotify, as well as other specialty Nuclear Blast playlists.

Nuclear Blast Presents March Metal Madness on Spotify!

nuclear blast spotify march metal madness meshuggahMarch is Metal Month and who better to celebrate with than Nuclear Blast?! Not only can you find all your favorite Nuclear Blast face. melting. metal. at Spotify, you can also listen to Meshuggah‘s brand spankin’ new record, Koloss – officially out this week.

Additionally, the fine folks over at Nuclear Blast personally curated 3 fabulous playlists for your listening pleasure: you can pick between a Meshuggah Spotlight, Nuclear Blast’s Heavy Hitters or Nuclear Blast’s On The Rise – all not-to-be-missed.

Now, some would think, how could this get better? We’ve got a new Meshuggah record, Nuclear Blast playlists, face-melting, march, madness, metal… not much could make one person happier. But it does get better. It gets better because Nuclear Blast is giving away FREE STUFF. That’s right WIN FREE STUFF! All you have to do is subscribe to any of the three playlists mentioned above to enter to win killer Nuclear Blast booty. You’re listening anyway, might as well subscribe! Might as well up your chance to win Nuclear Blast Booty! You’re welcome.

So what are you waiting for?! March ain’t over yet! Check out all the March Metal Madness right now at Spotify, and enter for your your chance to win.

Get On This: MESHUGGAH Announces Exclusive Concert Ticket Giveaway with Scion A/V

March 26, 2012 Artist News No Comments

meshuggah nuclear blast kolossSweden’s extreme metal juggernaut MESHUGGAH has partnered with Scion A/V for exclusives surrounding their brand new release KOLOSS - in stores today – including a special concert ticket giveaway contest for their tour with BARONESS and DECAPITATED! Through the ScionAV Twitter page, @ScionAV, two winners will each receive a pair of tickets to each show on the tour. Sweepstakes instructions will be given for each tour day, so keep checking their updates!

Additionally, Scion A/V will be periodically releasing behind-the-scenes video footage from the band during the tour via their Facebook page, a first from a band that is typically shrouded in secrecy and rarely gives interviews. For more information about the upcoming album and ongoing tour dates, check out our blog post here.

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