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Take A Musical Journey to Brazil

July 2, 2013 Artist News No Comments

SpanningTheGlobe_BRAZIL_playlistSince Brazil has been very much in the global spotlight lately (and no doubt will continue to be for the foreseeable future), we thought we might compile a sampler of a few of our favorite Brazilian or Brazil-inspired artists.

The tracks below run the gamut from Classic Samba to Contemporary Baile Funk. Highlights include “Nobody Can Live Forever,” a vintage classic by 1970’s Brazilian Funk/Soul superstar Tim Maia, whose extraordinary story is told in this short animated feature narrated by Devandra Banhart; the mellow “Samba É Tudo” from renowned singer/guitarist Celso Fonseca and his frequent collaborator, composer Ronaldo Bastos; a Pitbull-assisted remix of Brazilian sertaneja star Michel Teló ‘s 2010 smash hit “Ai Se Eu Te Pego,” which sold 16 million copies worldwide, reached #1 in 18 countries and made Teló the first Brazlian artist to hit the Billboard “Hot 100″ since Sergio Mendes; UK producer Sao Benitez’ English-language re-imagining of the Juca Chaves favorite “Take Me Back To Piaui;” and a 1971 recording of Dorival Caymmi‘s bossa nova classic “Das Rosas” by famed singer Maria Creuza.

Enjoy this musical journey on Spotify or Rdio, or directly below:


We Don’t Just Sell Music, You Know

November 28, 2012 Artist News, Orchard News No Comments

DJ Comrade "Favela Trap"Over here in the Physical department at The Orchard, the sales reps are privileged to rep CDs from some of the finest musicans and DJs in the world. When a legendary DJ like DJ Premier is in the house to discuss his latest project, you best believe we’re paying attention! And we’re always happy to see someone like RJD2 pop by too. In 2012 so far, we’ve sold and marketed old school legends ranging from Premo to Pop royalty Dionne Warwick, from Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Dion to Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull, with his first collection of Original Hits. Of course, Pitbull’s booty shakin’ dancefloor anthems have their roots in both the Miami bass scene and his earliest mentor Luke and the Southern crunk beats popularized by his early producer and collaborator Lil Jon.

EDM, or Electronic Dance Music, is constantly evolving and morphing into the latest flavas. Somewhere in the mid-2000s DJ Diplo picked up on a Brazilian Dance craze, Baile Funk, the latest crossover music rockin’ all the favela (communal Brazilian shanty town) parties in the working class neighborhoods of Rio De Janeiro. Of course Diplo has gone on to become a superstar DJ and producer and spread the Brazilian funkiness everywhere he went in the States. Meanwhile back at The Orchard Sales department, Comrade Xão was working alongside some of the very same original sales reps who first blew up Pitbull, Lil Jon and Ying Yang Twins to gold, platinum and multi-platinum status. The Orchard got busy releasing greatest (or Crunkest) hits compilations from all three artists while Comrade Xao played parties in Brooklyn and visited the favelas of Rio to check out the party scene first-hand and show the locals his latest fusion of all of these influences. After a few close encounters with the machine gun toting favela security forces and the equally feared local polícia, Chris brought back his newly added Rio street knowledge to his mixes in New York.

And so it is with great pride that The Orchard Physical Sales department can now say, “we not only sell great music, but make it as well!” Ok, we know what you’re thinking…. sure, some of the reps have played in bands with label deals before and can rock a fierce, power chorded version of the Kinks “Father Christmas” at The Orchard Christmas party. Not what we’re talking about…. 5 minutes of fame on a small stage. Nah, Comrade Xao is rocking a complete full album release here, featuring some of Rio’s hottest MC’s over cutting edge Baile Funk/Trap beats and he’ll be hitting the sunny streets of Rio just in time to unleash Favela Trap for its December 12 street date. Check for it at your favorite online retailers and don’t take our word for it. Listen to Rio’s own DJ Wooles (Apavoramento Sound System): “DOPE!!! This style will bring a fresh air to baile funk overseas.”  And…. “There is only one release this year that I have been looking forward to for so f*&%#in’ long: DJ Comrade’s Favela Trap,” straight from the mouth of Dutch wonder kid and producer Munchi (Selegna, T&A, Mad Decent).

We see new releases come and go all the time over here. But fresh Dance music is like awesome fresh coffee, the real stuff hard is to find. Now you know!

Pitbull and The Raveonettes: How To Keep Killin’ It Year After Year After Year

August 20, 2012 Artist News No Comments

Pitbull "Original Hits" and The Raveonettes "Observator"I’ve had the rare opportunity to watch unknowns develop and blossom into superstars many times in my music career. Among those is Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull, who we remember as a hungry young rapper out of Miami. Back then, the Cuban-American rapper originally known as Armando Cristian Pérez was ID’d as Mr. 305, having built up his fan base in that sunny beach environment.

We first realized that Pitbull’s international potential was huge when we were on vacation in the Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and heard his early dance floor smash “Culo” blasting at mega-volume from a convertible on the ocean front drive. Since then the hit tracks just keep coming with a Who’s Who of collaborators from Lil Jon and the Ying Yang Twins to J-Lo, T-Pain and most recently Shakira.

Top 10 Pitbull singles can be heard all over the world now and this fact was driven home most recently on a visit to Yankee Stadium during a group outing with 26 members of The Orchard crew for a game against The Angels. In the pre-game warm-up at one of the South Bronx’s local Dominican watering holes, a number of Pitbull tracks could be heard blasting out of the jukebox. I’ve visited this fine establishment several times in August (being a season ticket holder and all), and various tracks from Pitbull’s Original Hits have aired along side the more expected merengue and salsa classics. Armando has certainly made his presence felt from his recent visit to Kodiak, Alaska’s Walmart and concert for the locals to the environs of Noo Yawk’s Yankee Stadium!

On another note, here is some Raveonettes trivia for you:

We live in an uncertain world… The stock market goes up and down and no one seems to know where our economy is heading. It is very reassuring then to know The Raveonettes are one band you can certainly rely on to deliver their unique, personalized blend of 50s rock vocal stylings, surf guitar, post punk, droney noise rock and more year after year after year. As the Danish duo prepare to deliver their newest opus Observator on 9/11 and celebrate their 10th Anniversary by heading out to rock your world in cities across America, here’s a little known fact: Every single Raveonettes full album has debuted in the Billboard Top 200 or higher since Chain Gang of Love first hit #123 in 2003. You may be undecided on who to vote for in the upcoming Presidential election (or not), but clearly The Raveonettes have been pulling the popular vote for as long as they’ve been around!

Pitbull Has His “Kodiak” Moment in Alaska

August 3, 2012 Artist News No Comments

Pitbull, AlaskaPitbull makes the most of a chilly prank that was supposed to be a promotion for Walmart and energy supplement, Sheets. An internet campaign was launched by David Thorpe, a writer for, encouraging others to send Pitbull to perform at the most desolate Walmarts located in America. After thousands of people voted for Pitbull to be sent to Alaska of all places, Mr. 305 took the prank in stride and actually performed in the 907 region. Not only did he go, but he brought along the prankster as well.

Pitbull and Thorpe recently posted pictures and tweets on Twitter on their experience in Kodiak. Pitbull performed among Native Alaskan dancers despite the fact there are more bears in the vicinity than there are people. Walmart made most of the situation as well by taking promotional photos of Pitbull, including a Kodiak survival kit presented to Pitbull which included bear bells and bear repellent and Pitbull with a stuffed bear. Here‘s a video of Pitbull on the Walmart Challenge in question.

Don’t worry though, Pitbull is safe and sound and still performing around the world. Here are more tour dates to prove it:

8/4 Albuquerque, NM
8/5 Tucson, AZ
8/7 Chula Vista, CA
8/8 and 8/9 Universal City, CA
8/10 Las Vegas, NV
8/12 San Francisco, CA

If you want to show Pitbull some love and support for being such a good sport, check out his Original Hits album that came out earlier this year and find out how he became the hit sensation he is today through his biggest hits of the past!

Physical Goes to Orion and Back

July 2, 2012 Artist News No Comments

Torche, OrionThe physical sales team did their share of heavy lifting to deliver a #139 Billboard/Soundscan Top 200 debut for Rhett Miller‘s The Dreamer, which also hit #2 on the Heatseekers chart. This follows a long list of Top 200 chart debuts for our artists, including Pitbull, DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles, Royce Da 5’9″, The Black Angels, The Raveonettes, Ryan Adams, and more. Who needs a major label anyway?

Accompanied by Blake Russell and Ronit Shaham, I traveled to Atlantic City two weekends ago to check out The Black Angels & Torche’s sets at Metallica’s massive 4-stage, 2-day Orion Festival. All of the artists were hand-picked by the headliners themselves and the show was covered heavily on Fuse.

The Black Angels were joined onstage by newest member Rishi Dhir (Elephant Stone/High Dials), who played sitar in addition to rotating on guitar and bass. After their solid set, The Angels’ lead singer Alex Maas told us the band has been working hard with something like 30 new songs already written for the next album expected in 2013. Could some sitar sounds be included in the new directions Alex spoke about?

Torche had the honor of being introduced by Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo. Playing to a crowd estimated at 3-5k, they delivered a crushing, yet melodic set, making many new fans in the process. When Torche left the stage, the surprised band were warmly greeted by Trujillo and Metallica lead singer/guitarist James Hetfield, who hung out to chat for several minutes.

Props to Vector Management’s Lauren Pattenaude and Volcom’s Michael Nobrega for the hookups! And megathanks to all of Torche and The Black Angels for some quality face-time with The Orchard crew.

Check out the photos from the festival here.

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