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Reddit Demystified

A few months ago, I saw Catey Shaw’s music video for “Human Contact” for the first time. It was a flawless concoction: an infectious summer Pop jam mixed with a quirky, aqua-haired girl dancing in street-wear. All I wanted to do was cash in my vacation days, trap my scantily clad body in a room,… Read more »

Ask You Anything? Planning Reddit AMAs

How important are Reddit AMAs? Considering that Barack Obama took the time to answer some questions last year, I’d say they can be pretty influential. You don’t have to be president to host an AMA, though. Filmmakers, musicians, writers, actors, developers, entrepreneurs, and basically anyone with an interesting story to tell can host an AMA. Don’t… Read more »

My 5 Favorite Music Discovery Tools

As a Bedroom DJ who struggles to appeal to the ever changing music tastes of my two cats and my subconscious (I haven’t been able to decide which is more picky yet…), music discovery has become a big part of my life. Instead of digging through crates of vinyl at my once beloved Cheapo, I… Read more »

But What If There Is No Cloud?

Countless internet businesses, including Foursquare, Quora, Hootsuite, Reddit and Myxer found out today what happens when there is no cloud. Part of the reason why the internet start up culture is so rich and thriving is due to the low cost to launch and deploy web services on-demand, without owning or renting massive data centers… Read more »