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Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Sony, Universal, Fox, RIAA, MPAA, and the Department of Homeland Security, we’re looking at you. Armed with Russian-based tool YouHaveDownloaded, TorrentFreak tracked down the IP blocks of these groups and discovered they were all guilty of pirating software, music, and video content. Not too surprising, considering the size of these lobbying behemoths, however, it does put a… Read more »

Digital News From Our World (To Yours)

Can Records Labels Increase Album Sales In The ‘A La Carte’ Era? Warner Music Group Lost Another $205M Last Year Pandora To Debut Free Concert Series With Dawes; Invites Based On Listeners’ Preferences RIAA Says Suing Individuals Was An Effective Strategy Does Ticketmaster Undercount Tickets Sold To Underpay?

Digital News From Our World (To Yours)

Deezer Challenges Spotify With Worldwide Expansion VEVO WIll Expand Beyond Music Videos–Just Like MTV Did 20 Years Ago 7digital Expands U.S. Operation, Names Vickie Nauman North American President Germany Increasingly Buying Music By German Artists 8 Reasons Sony’s Digital Music Chief, Formerly of Apple, Exudes Optimism Facebook To Launch Subscribe Button For Websites RIAA Lobbying… Read more »

Digital News From Our World (To Yours)

Google Music: Four Things We Can Expect from Today’s Announcement Introduces Facebook App For Labels Business Matters: Raises New Funding For Personalized Web Streaming Service RIAA Lawyers Are Now Threatening ReDigi  (A Startup Focused on Re-Selling Used MP3s) Danish Anti-Piracy Group: “The Market Will Die If Grooveshark Continues”  Tips on Writing an Effective… Read more »

An Un-Bundle of Joy

Should we measure the health of the music industry based on cassette sales?  I am pretty sure everyone would agree that it wouldn’t give an accurate picture.  So why are we still using the album as the key indicator?  Yes album sales are declining but that doesn’t tell the whole story. I reviewed the album… Read more »