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Songpier Embraces All Your Screens

November 13, 2012 Client Tool, Featured News 1 Comment

It’s been in The Orchard Marketplace since launch; it’s consistently one of our most popular apps; it was one of the first HTML5 mobile apps out there… I’m talking about Songpier, the mobile app builder that’s now a whole lot more.

You might have noticed that Songpier — or Songpier Studio as it’s now called in the Marketplace — has completely revamped both its look and its offering. Manage your mobile app, desktop website and social sites all in one convenient location, and more than ever share it with your fans, no matter where they’re looking.

So what’s new, exactly?

  • One song was never enough: You can now select as many songs or releases you like to include in your Songpier.
  • Be social: Sync all your content to Songpier Studio from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and RSS feeds and send new content back.
  • Collect fans and emails: Customize playback restrictions by song to encourage fans to Like you on Facebook, giving you access to all their deets. Choose from Always Free, Require Faving After 3 Plays or Require Faving.
  • Think of everything… and everyone: Enhanced sharing options make it easy for all users to access your site from anywhere and still get all the information they need.
  • Don’t lose sight of anything: Keep up with what-you-got-from-where and what-is-published-where thanks to icons throughout the Studio that indicate where each item was imported from and where it’s published.

Here’s how to make the most of all these new features in the Marketplace:

  • Once you’ve launched Songpier from the Marketplace, the app will connect with your content through the API. Select the tracks you’d like to include; toggle the switches to additional content on or off for Events, News, Photos and Videos; and click Sync Now. Note that you can always add or remove content when you launch the app, or by clicking Pull next to The Orchard in the Social Connect menu on your Dashboard.
  • Don’t just sync with The Orchard, sync with all your socials! Go to Social Connect on your Dashboard and link up with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can also hook into your RSS feed so all your updates get included on your Songpier page too.
  • Manage your page’s look by tweaking your Artist Profile and Appearance. Pick your app background, icon and skin, and preview the whole lot on all devices by clicking on the various options on the top right.
  • Fine tune your app using the menus under the Content section. Organize your Songs (pick a featured tune, customize each song’s look, add lyrics and select playback restrictions), News items (import them from your socials), Events, Pictures (add titles to your albums and pictures or share stories in the descriptions), Videos and Discography (include purchase links). You can even link to your Merch store so fans can buy your stuff straight from the app.
  • Now that you’ve perfected your app through Songpier Studio, share it with the world using the numerous Share options at your disposal. Send the page link, download and share your QR code, lead mobile users visiting your official website to your Songpier-mobilized page using the Mobile-izer tool, and embed customized playlist or song widgets anywhere you’d like.

On top of all these exciting updates, the new interface is easy on the eyes and easy on the brain. So play around with it and find out for yourself why Songpier is reliably one of our top apps!

To get a visual step-by-step of how to use the new Songpier Studio, check out the demo video below, and get an idea of what Songpier looks like in action on Der König Tanzt’s mobile-optimized site.

Songpier is available via The Marketplace. Find out more about them on their One-Sheet.

5 Things I Can (and Should) Do Better To Improve My Digital Persona

March 1, 2012 Client Tool No Comments

Part of my role is to craft and monitor The Orchard’s digital footprint and online personality. Generally, this leaves me little time or energy to worry about how my own personal brand is reflected online. Not this week! Between the new Google privacy policy that goes into effect today and having to prepare my Facebook page for the eventual Timeline launch on March 30th, it’s time to pause and think of ways I can have a better online persona (and maybe even be a better person in the process).

Since “What I should do better” is a bit open-ended, I’m constraining myself to apps in the Marketplace (can’t stray too far away from The Orchard). Here are five things I should do:

  1. RocketHub – I’ve always wanted to make a coffee table book of travel photos, but first I need to visit a few more countries. So, I’ll try to raise money from RocketHub for my travel expenses, I’ll keep a journal along the way to share with my Fuelers and then give individual prints and finished copies of the book for certain donation thresholds.
  2. Charitable Checkout – I was part of Big Brothers Big Sisters for a few years, but even though I’m no longer donating my time, I’d still like to help them in some way. Charitable Checkout is an easy way to post a widget on my page to encourage my friends to donate to the charity of my choice.
  3. Songpier – I need to be mobile-optimized!
  4. Dropcards – Next Christmas, I’m designing my own Dropcards, loading them up with photos and videos, and sending them out as my holiday card.
  5. webdoc – Speaking of Christmas, for my next Christmas party, I’ll post the invite on webdoc so that my friends can comment on how much they’re looking forward to it through their witty video, photo and audio responses (yes, I have high expectations of my friends). I can even add in a Google map to my place and grab a photo from Facebook that my friend posted from an old party. Want to come?

If you’re way too tired or focused on SXSW to make any parallels from this list to your business, here you go:

  • RocketHub – Raise money to record your album
  • Charitable Checkout – Get your fans to donate to charities you support
  • Songpier – Give your fans a way to get info on their smartphones
  • Dropcards – Include bonus tracks and videos with CDs and vinyl
  • webdoc – Ask your fans to post their photos/videos from your tour

Now, back to my Facebook Timeline….

Goin’ Mobile: Some Stats and Tips for Mobile Marketing this Holiday Season

November 22, 2011 Marketing No Comments

Digital marketing has always offered seemingly endless permutations of what one can do. This is, in fact, one of its chief allures and has kept me occupied for more than 15 years always chasing the next, (hopefully) most effective trick in the book. However, this very boundlessness is also quite often a trap, one into which all marketers — present writer included — fall from time-to-time.


Forgetting  the fundamentals and failing to see a tactic through to its effective pinnacle; or, often, missing an opportunity altogether in favor of a bright, shining object or flavor of the week is all too easy to do.

With the Holiday season upon us, I’d like to spend a moment on an oft-discussed but, in my humble opinion, completely under-exploited medium. Mobile. Specifically, the mobile web – as opposed to OS-specific apps. With so much focus on search and social, we marketers often fail to realize the media through which these activities are increasingly being performed by our beloved end users.


Image Source: GetElastic/ThreatMatrix


Wait, that last one… what? It makes me feel less alone. But… wow!

We all know that mobile usage is skyrocketing. We all know that search drives discovery and purchase. We all know that social media is huge and that a great deal of that social activity occurs on mobile devices. Having a search strategy or a social strategy without taking into account mobile is akin to having a great face for radio.


So, what’s a time-pressed, Tweeting, Facebooking, SEO-ing, SEM-ing music marketer to do? Well, there’s a  typical response: “Let’s build our own app!”

No. Unless you have a compelling reason to do so, this is likely your poorest ROI choice.

I’ve been trying to focus on fundamentals and leverage the activities that are already a part of my strategy. Perhaps this approach might work for you. Some examples:

When tweeting, ensure that the destination URL is mobile friendly. Or, tweet twice: once to a web destination, once to a mobile destination and denote which is which. Ditto for Facebook posts.

Assume that a good percentage of your audience is on a connected mobile device — and not necessarily via a speedy Wi-Fi connection. Walk a mile in their shoes. How’s the experience? If it’s lame, don’t send them there. Create something else.


Use a WordPress plug-in to make your site or blog mobile-friendly. It may not win you a design award but, unless you’re running a design firm, that shouldn’t be the goal anyway.

Use a plug-and-play solution like Songpier to build a music-specific mobile destination site. (Conveniently for clients of The Orchard, Songpier is a Marketplace partner. I highly recommend taking the few minutes to build a few for your priority releases.)

Straightforward, highly-functional mobile pages will get the job done. Use tools that make it easy for you and useful for your mobile end user. After all, mobile commerce is expected to go through the roof this holiday season. And the last thing a good marketer wants to do is a miss a good look or leave a sale on the table – or on the (small) screen.

The Marketplace Presents: Songpier

Creating a mobile-optimized website for your music has never been easier, or cheaper. Songpier allows you to share your artist’s songs, upcoming events, photos, lyrics, notes and bio directly to your fans, all in a few simple steps.

When you sign in to Songpier through The Marketplace, use the information already uploaded to The Orchard’s Artist and Release Builder to select the songs around which you’d like to create a Songpier and select the information you’d like to import.

When you’re done, drag your chosen track onto the Songpier logo and click on the icon. Here you can preview and edit your site, add lyrics and include a fun story behind the song. Tweak your app’s appearance by choosing a background image or picking a layout color, and even preview it on an iPhone or iPad.

When you’re ready to share your Songpier with the world, take the link on the “Preview and Share” tab and push it out to your social media accounts or by email. Songpier even provides you with a QR code that you can place on posters or album packaging.

Need any ideas? Take a peek at how Matthew Sweet made the most of Songpier here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect directly to your fans…for free! It’s all a few clicks away. Or, as Songpier puts it: “Built with a Click; And It’s Not a Trick.”

Songpier is accessible via The Marketplace. Read more about them on their One Sheet.

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