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Freeloader Friday: Futurebirds, The Dears & More

Hold onto your Pumpkin Spice Latte because this is the FIRST Freeloader Friday of fall 2015! It’s true, I’m actually wearing a flannel shirt as I type this and I counted twelve pairs of Ugg Boots during this morning’s commute. Just kidding. But really. For you avid Freeloader Friday readers, you may remember our feature of the Futurebirds’ music video, “Deadbeat Hits.”… Read more »

Get Mad Men On The Rocks

Who doesn’t like a good period piece? They’re all the rage on TV these days between Downton Abbey, The Americans, Boardwalk Empire and of course, Mad Men — not to mention all the completed series and mini-series that aired in the recent past, like The Borgias or The Kennedys. And as we know well, to any good period drama, you… Read more »

A “Luther” Kind of Thank You

The Orchard is really excited to be releasing the soundtrack from the hit British psychological crime TV drama, Luther, on September 16th. With some huge names in the mix like Massive Attack, Gil Scott-Heron, Kasabian, Suede, Marilyn Manson, and Joan As Police Woman to name a few, this is going to be a really special record… Read more »

“Roll” With The Great Gatsby

To the excitement of literature aficionados old and young alike, Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, this summer’s quintessential 3D adaptation flick, hits theaters tomorrow. Just think, it won’t be long now before you’re in the theater being captivated by Leonardo DiCaprio’s icy stare as he portrays the troubled and mysterious Gatsby in a world obsessed with stature… Read more »