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Freeloader Friday: The Budos Band, Royal Thunder and More

It’s been a little while since I’ve personally shared Freeloader Friday with you fine folks, and I’m glad to report that the selection I have in store for you today is the perfect soundtrack to your weekend. Leading with The Budos Band‘s soulful horns and Charlie Cunningham‘s soothing acoustic strings, we continue with four-piece Royal Thunder‘s new single followed… Read more »

ISIS Stream Devastating New LP Wavering Radiant One Week Early On Myspace

Today, ISIS is unleashing the genre-bending epic Wavering Radiant on poor, unsuspecting ears via their official Myspace profile, a full week before its release. Experts on melting faces and frying brains, the L.A. based five-piece have conquered lands far and wide with their unique approach to things often labeled “progressive” and “metal,” in effect cutting… Read more »