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Get “Comfortable” with Marcos Valle’s “Estrelar”

Recently hyped by Stereogum as one of of “The Best Soundtrack Moments of March 2014,” the latest installment in Southern Comfort’s highly entertaining “Whatever’s Comfortable” campaign features British Nigerian actor Onosky Ujorha getting down with his bad self to Brazilian fusion artist Marcos Valle‘s boogie classic “Estrelar.”

Co-written by Detroit R&B legend (and frequent Valle collaborator) Leon Ware, the airy, funky “Estrelar” is taken from a self-titled 1983 album issued by Som Livre, Brazil’s leading independent label. As with the three previous songs used in the campaign to date [Odetta's "Hit Or Miss," Lou Johnson's "The Beat" and Les Paul and Mary Ford's "Fool To Care" respectively],  it’s a cool, under the radar vintage gem that perfectly encapsulates the campaign’s message about being your awesome self. We were thrilled to work with ad agency Wieden + Kennedy on this one.

The Orchard Loves to Market… Part Three

By now, you’ve experienced Part One and Part Two of our Marketing love affair. This week, we bring you the final installment with Hook, Line & Sync’ers, a map of our Film, TV, Advertising and Gaming partners.

We’ve partnered with the cream of the crop in all different industries and genres to get our clients’ music heard, and our Concentrated Music team is always hard at work securing more partnerships, like our latest one with Kina Grannis and Disney. Check out some of our past and current partners below:

The Orchard's Hook, Line & Sync'ers

Thanks to Airene Resurreccion for the graphic! 

15 Events We Would Never Have Anticipated in 1997

the orchard 15 anniversaryWhen Richard Gottehrer and Scott Cohen first founded The Orchard back in 1997, they did it because they could see the potential of digital way before its prime — before iTunes, YouTube and Facebook had even launched.

In 15 years, the industry has certainly come a long way, and while we pride ourselves in continually staying on top of the fold and up-to-date on the most recent and budding trends, we thought it’d be fun to go back and see some of the things we didn’t see coming — back in 1997.

  1. Independent music taking up a collective share of 25.2% of the market in 2011 (and 32.6% in publishing)!
  2. Millions of songs at your fingertips wherever you are through paid (and free/freemium) streaming services
  3. Over 1 billion people around the world talking to each other through social media, proving that word of mouth is more powerful than ever
  4. Instant social sharing, where when you listen to music (or read an article, or attend a concert…), your friends can see what you are listening to and when through Facebook’s Open Graph
  5. Public Performance and Broadcasting revenue (also known as Master Rights and Neighboring Rights) getting its biggest boost when revenue from Physical started to decline, thus helping labels continue to survive during harder times in the industry
  6. Sync licensing no longer being considered selling out to big brands, but becoming a popular way to increase exposure (check out some of our placements here!)
  7. Netflix successfully converting their massive DVD-by-mail subscriber base into an internet streaming user base
  8. YouTube successfully converting wide-spread copyright infringement into one of the largest commercial revenue streams for rights owners
  9. Apple products opening their previously-closed retail environment to include competing streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and Spotify
  10. The ability to communicate with multiple people around the world through a live video/audio stream 
  11. Seeing most music sales occurring through companies whose primary business is not music, such as Apple, Target, WalMart, Amazon, etc.
  12. The return of vinyl‘s popularity
  13. Today’s pop stars being picked by the audience (American Idol, X-Factor, etc.)
  14. That The Rolling Stones would STILL be touring and Keith Richards would be a New York Times best-selling author
  15. That a tech king like Steve Jobs could so greatly impact the music industry

Looking back at this list gets us pretty excited at how much the industry has evolved, and that we work in a field that is so versatile and innovative. So bring it on! We’re ready to roll for another 15 years!

Viva Volkswagen (and The Black Angels)

July 13, 2012 Sync Placement No Comments

Volkswagen Italia just can’t get enough of The Black Angels, but can you really blame them? The band’s 2010 single “Telephone” is being featured, yet again, in a commercial for the Volkswagen Polo. The ad began to air in March of 2011, and Volkswagen Italia has recently decided to extend their use of the song. The band has tour dates scheduled now through November in Canada, the US, and Australia. Check out the Volkswagen Polo ad below!

Post by: Hannah Brooks

Ever Wonder What Sync Licensing Was Like In Morocco?

morocco flag, syncMy name is Laila Lebbar and I have been interning in the Sync and Creative departments at The Orchard for the past 4 months. Throughout my internship  I was able to discover some of the great work done by The Orchard team for brands like Target, Heineken, Honda, and more.

Coming from Morocco, I am always impressed by the quality of music in American advertisements. While most people hate interruptions while they are watching their favorite TV show or movie, I enjoy every second of the music when it’s beautifully placed. Sync in Morocco is still in its infancy compared to the United States. The cost to sync American music to an advertisement is very high compared to the general standard of living in Morroco. With the exception of a few cases, I have always thought that Moroccan advertisements do not have the greatest music.

Even though I have been away from Morroco for over eight months, I have kept an eye on what is going on in the Moroccan music industry. I came across this video by students of at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane. The video was submitted as part of an advertising contest organized by the School of Business. Personally, I love the music that the students chose and I think it fits well with the picture. I am thrilled that sync is finally getting attention and interest of Moroccan youth and I am optimistic for the future of the industry in this regard.

Project by Sakina Rhattas, Lamiae Skalli, Yacine Kaouti

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