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Welcome, Jenn!

Introducing Jennifer Schwartz, Assistant Programmer, The Orchard Video Network Hello everyone! I’m excited to be joining The Orchard’s New York team. I recently graduated from Fordham University with a degree in Communications and Psychology, so I’m a total Audience Behavior nerd. Most recently I interned in Digital Advertising at NBC Universal and in New Media… Read more »

Welcome, Ben M.!

Introducing Ben Markowitz, Video Channel Producer, The Orchard Video Network I’m very excited to be joining The Orchard team as a Video Channel Producer. Previously, I was the Marketing Manager at FanBridge and before that I toured in a band and worked at a booking agency. Outside of work, I’m an aspiring home cook, vinyl… Read more »

Welcome, Stephanie!

Introducing Stephanie Neptune, Production Manager, The Orchard Video Network Hi Everyone! I’m Stephanie Neptune (yes, I swear that’s my real last name) and when I’m not in the office I can be found digging for records, shooting video, or searching for the best taco truck in the city. Ecstatic to be a part of the… Read more »

What You Need to Know About YouTube’s New Layout: One Channel

Back in November, YouTube launched a new channel-driven experience for logged-in users. This experience encourages users to subscribe and provides a feed-like experience when logged in. Ultimately YouTube is looking to build audiences. Not only do engaged audiences attract advertisers (at higher rates), but they create brand loyalty to specific channels. The long-term goal here… Read more »

Welcome, Sarah!

Introducing Sarah Caliendo, Vice President, Video Network Operations Sarah comes to The Orchard from, where she spent the last 9 years of her career. She wore many different hats over the course of her career there, most notably Product Manager and Director of Operations. Sarah grew up in Connecticut, but has lived in NYC for… Read more »