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Accounting Gets a Revamp

The Orchard AccountingHere in the Product department, we’re always busy building cool stuff to make life (and business) easier for our clients. This time, we’re very pleased to announce the launch of a brand new Accounting section. Please, everyone, calm down. Excuse me, sir, can you put your shirt back on? This is a family blog. Thanks.

We’ve rebuilt Accounting from the ground up — updating the look and feel, improving the workflow, and boosting performance. The user experience should be more painless than ever.

Our new accounting can now generate combined statements, showing you expenses, checks, adjustments, and your net balance over your selected time span and multiple periods. This can generate a lot of pages, so we’ve also added a “go to page” box down by the pagination, so you never have to click 37 times to get to page 38.

Filtering is now much easier and more powerful, too. While viewing your revenue breakdown, you can filter by any criteria, or combinations. Only interested in how a certain release has sold? Filter by release (multiple versions are differentiated by their UPCs). Want to see if that iTunes UK promotion was worth it? Filter by store, then by country. The filters are designed to be played with, so you can add or remove them one at a time, or en masse.

Exports are now easier than ever too. You can now export your accounting statement in Excel or plain text, filtered or not, on the Statements page.

The most common question around accounting, of course, is “When will I get paid?” To that end, we’ve redesigned the Statements page to be clearer and easier to read. It now gives you a more accurate estimate of when your check will be cut, based on your contract type.

Those are just the highlights — for more, check out the demo below and if you’re an Orchard client, go see it for yourself in The Orchard Workstation!

Managing Users on Your Orchard Account

November 14, 2011 Orchard News 1 Comment

When you log in to your Orchard account, you automatically have access to many things: Artist Builder, Release Builder, Marketplace, Analytics, Accounting… Among these products might lie some sensitive information – for instance Accounting or Analytics – which you don’t necessarily wish for your intern, assistant or even artist to access.

That’s why we’ve made it possible to manage your users with The Orchard’s user-role management system. Simply go to the Account tab, select “Manage Users” and click on “Add A New User.” Fill out the user information, and in the “Permissions” section, select which tabs you’d like your new user to have access to — or not.

Your users will have their own login and password to the same account, but will only see what you – the administrator – wants them to see.

That’s what you call total control…

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