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Get Your Play On: New Dogs, Old Tricks

May 15, 2013 Artist News No Comments

New Dogs, Old Tricks Covers PlaylistAs part of The Orchard’s Creative Licensing team, we’re always on the hunt for interesting covers.

This month, we’ve assembled a playlist of some of of our favorite discoveries from the past year, including Albert Hammond, Jr. of The Strokes taking on the Big Star power-pop classic “Thirteen;” The Dandy Warhols‘ rumbling electronic-tinged rendition of The Cure‘s 1981 single “Primary;” AM & Shawn Lee‘s cosmic electro-soul update of Joe Jackson‘s 1982 hit “Steppin’ Out;” and much more.

Stream the entire playlist via Spotify below, and be sure to check it out on ShareMyPlaylists, too.


Justin Bieber, The Raveonettes and the Duality of Stardom

January 14, 2013 Industry Trends No Comments

justin-bieber-smoking-weedThere is a temptation to view modern celebrities as experts, as if we were gazing up at trapeze artists, assured of their capability on the line.

A turn or twist to surprise us, a wobble to goad. Even the occasional tumble seems overacted, milked somehow, and certainly choreographed. Those fallen stars maintain both our suspense and our attention for the remaining performers.

Middle America’s lovechild Justin Bieber, gushing and idolised, has been photographed smoking pot.

This is circus-theatre; we have paid our money and will laud, condemn and finally cast our judgement on the characters. For somebody in Bieber’s position this photograph constitutes a crisis. The predictable squirming and backpedalling by all involved has resulted in a series of heartfelt tweets, presumably with careful wording from his management agency.

Justin Bieber tweet pot

This script is well written and not without precedent. An apology here is not enough. Bieber, acting as his own character reference, must denounce his actions as being inauthentic to his self.

Justin Bieber tweet pot

This elucidates the condition under which celebrities such as Bieber are allowed their fame — provided that all private actions are subordinate to a public identity. Which, due to the ubiquity of phone-cameras, is a 24-hour job. He is a slave to his beliebers.

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Freeloader Friday: PAWS, The Raveonettes, Tim Maia and Deleted Scenes

September 28, 2012 Freeloader Friday No Comments

Paws' "Cokefloat!"It’s the last Friday of September and we are now properly into the Fall… how time flies! Well, what better way to spend said flying time than listening to music? We’re not guaranteeing it’ll give you the same look as that girl on the left, but it might get you close.

In this week’s Freeloader Friday, we’ve got not one, but TWO new songs from PAWS for you to check out, Part Two of The Raveonettes‘ Making Of Observator series, a full album stream of the ever-soulful Tim Maia and a new video from Deleted Scenes.

Happy listening!

PAWS: “Sore Tummy” and “Salem” via Pitchfork
Cokefloat! out October 9 on FatCat Records

The Raveonettes: “Observator Making of” (Part 2) video via IFC
Observator out now on Vice Records

Tim Maia: Full album stream via Slate
Nobody Can Live Forever: The Existential Soul of Tim Maia out October 2 on Luaka Bop

Deleted Scenes: “A Bunch of People who Love You Like Crazy” video via IFC
Young People’s Church of the Air out now on Park the Van

Freeloader Friday: Cymbals Eat Guitars, The Raveonettes, Jeff Lynne, Levek, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Travis Barker and Yelawolf, and Menomena

September 14, 2012 Freeloader Friday No Comments

Cymbals Eat GuitarsThank God It’s Freeloader Friday! Yes, we are still here. No reason for us to leave you, you dear Freeloaders. Now let’s see, what do have this week… Why, some great music of course!

Did you know that Cymbals Eat Guitars (true story!), that The Raveonettes is (not) your enemy, that Jeff Lynne is celebrating the 40th birthday of Electric Light Orchestra (you DID know that), that September means Levek’s gonna see some Girl in the Fog, last year’s Best British Female Vocalist of the Year Joanne Shaw Taylor will bare her soul to her fans and Travis Barker and Yelawolf are going to push you? And as an extra treat, Menomena just revealed the entire album Moms for stream on Hype Machine.

Enjoy your week end!

Cymbals Eat Guitars: “Hawk Highway” via Pitchfork
“Hawk Highway” video via Masters From Their Day
Lenses Alien out now on Barsuk Records

The Raveonettes: “The Enemy” video via NPR
Observator out now on Vice Records

Jeff Lynne: “Showdown” video via the Electric Light Orchestra website
Long Wave and Mr. Blue Sky – The Very Best Of Electric Light Orchestra out October 9 on Frontiers Records

Levek: “Girl in the Fog” via The Fader
Look A Little Closer out on September 25 on Lefse Records

Joanne Shaw Taylor: “Soul Station” via Joanne Shaw Taylor’s website
Almost Always Never out now on New Ruf Records

Travis Barker and Yelawolf: “Push ‘Em” via SoundCloud
Psycho White out November 13 on LaSalle Records

Menomena: Album stream via Hype Machine
Moms Out September 18 on Barsuk Records

Freeloader Friday: Beach Day, Menomena, The Raveonettes and Sean Hayes

September 7, 2012 Freeloader Friday No Comments

It’s Friday already! Can you believe it? Whew, time flies! Especially when you had a long weekend right before, spent talking about the end of the summer under what may or may not have been the last summer sun rays… Well, August may be over, but the sun and the beach never really leave us!

How you ask? With Beach Day! In their words, “It’s a beach day baby and I am going to pick you up.” Anytime, guys! On top of that, we’ve got a Menomena premiere for you and… The Raveonettes! You’ve been waiting for it… you’ve been asking for it… and now here it is: the entire Observator album available for free streaming! Plus, if you Like Sean Hayes‘ page on Facebook, you’ll get another full album stream — all on one Friday.

You’re welcome!

Beach Day: “Beach Day” video premiere via VEVO
Beach Day available now on Kanine Records
(so many beach days!)

Menomena: “Pique” via Pitchfork
Moms out September 18 on Barsuk Records

The Raveonettes: Full album stream via Rolling Stone
Observator out September 11 on Vice Records

Sean Hayes: Full album stream via Facebook
Before We Turn To Dust out September 11 on Sean Hayes Music

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