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The Orchard Chart Toppers: April 2014

The Orchard Chart Toppers

Celebrating some exciting wins in April, with Tycho keeping a spot in the top charts through mid-April following the March release of Awake, appearances from two strong Frontiers Records releases with Sebastian Bach and Winger, and steady placement in the Billboard Heatseekers. Our international releases snagged a few #1 spots, from Nyusha in Russia to Luan Santana in Brazil, not to mention Poland and Portugal, too. On the film front, the board riding tribute, “Volcom – True To This,” has swept the documentary and sports films charts around the world. Here’s to another great month!

PS. This is only a snapshot of our artists’ chart positions. They’ve also placed in many genre charts on both Billboard and iTunes, but we’ve zoned in on the more general charts for the purpose of this post.

WEEK ENDING May 4, 2014

Billboard Top 200 Albums
#45 — Devil You Know: The Beauty Of Destruction [Nuclear Blast]

Billboard Current Albums
#44 — Devil You Know: The Beauty Of Destruction [Nuclear Blast]
#186 — Various Artists: Hits Of The 90’s [TUTM]

Billboard Independent Albums
#12 — Devil You Know: The Beauty Of Destruction [Nuclear Blast]
#45 – Various Artists: Hits Of The 90’s [TUTM]

Billboard Tastemaker Albums
#12 — Death: Leprosy [Relapse Records]
#22 — The Glitch Mob: Love Death Immortality [Glass Air / Shoot To Kill]

Billboard Heatseeker Albums
#12 — Anti-Mortem: New Southern [Nuclear Blast]
#17 — Edguy: Space Police – Defenders Of The Crown [Nuclear Blast]
#38 — William Onyeabor: Who Is William Onyeabor? [Luaka Bop]
#41 — Thee Oh Sees: Drop [Castle Face]

Italy Top Albums
#16 — Elisa: L’anima vola [Sugar Music]

iTunes Top 200 Albums
#44 — Devil You Know: The Beauty Of Destruction [Nuclear Blast]

iTunes Italy Top Albums
#4 — Various Artists: Anni ’60 ’70 [D.V. More]

iTunes Brazil Top Albums
#2 — Varios Artistas: Villa Mix – 3a Edição [Som Livre/Globo]
#8 — Thiaguinho: Outro Dia, Outra Historia [Som Livre/Globo]
#9 — Varios Artistas: Festeja [Som Livre/Globo]
#11 — Luan Santana: O Nosso Tempo é Hoje (Ao Vivo) [Som Livre/Globo]

iTunes Turkey Top Albums
#20 — Çeşitli Sanatçılar: Bir Eksiğiz: Ahmet Kaya [Gam Production]

iTunes Russia Top Albums
#1 — Зануда : По низам [Studia Soyuz]
#5 — Nyusha: Union (Deluxe Version) [First Music Publishing]
#7 — Various Artists: Танцевальная весна 2014 [Studia Soyuz]
#16 — Grigoriy Leps: The Best (Deluxe Version) [Nikitin]
#18 — Ivan Dorn: Co’n’dorn [First Music Publishing]
#19 — Various Artists: Посвящение Михею [First Music Publishing]

iTunes Poland Top Albums
#5 — Artur Rojek: Składam się z ciągłych powtórzeń [Kayax]

iTunes Top Sports Movies CA
#18 — Why We Ride [Gnarlynow Ent & Walking West Ent]

iTunes Top Documentary Movies AU
#10 — Why We Ride [Gnarlynow Ent & Walking West Ent]
#18 — Volcom: True to This [Veeco Productions]

iTunes Top Sports Movies AU
#2 — Why We Ride [Gnarlynow Ent & Walking West Ent]
#7 — Volcom: True to This [Veeco Productions]

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Label Spotlight: Volcom Entertainment

Volcom EntertainmentIn this month’s Label Spotlight, we talked to Mike Nobrega of Volcom Entertainment, home to bands including Pepper, Valient Thorr, Year Long Disaster, Turbonegro, and more…

They’ve had a busy year so far with some great releases like Torche’s Harmonicraft, Riverboat Gamblers’ The Wolf You Feed and the latest on the roster, Turbonegro’s highly anticipated Sexual Harassment.

Without further ado, here’s Mike Nobrega!

Can you give us a brief overview of the label and its history?

It was Ryan Immegart (now VP of Marketing for the brand) and Volcom founder Rich Woolcott, who launched the label in earnest back in 1995 around Ryan’s band TheLINE. Ryan was a wunderkind snowboarder when he was a kid, the first sponsored snowboarder for Volcom in fact, and over time (and injury), he redirected his energy more and more into his band and they decided to just go for it and put a record out themselves. That’s pretty much the Volcom style, especially back in the day. You just went for it, and with the introduction of theLINE’s CD to the lifestyle surf/skate/snow community, the label was on its way.

If you’re old enough to recall, CDs were a popular item back then and around 1999, with the exposure on MTV and Jackass, Volcom Ent had put out 20,000 copies of the cKy record, pretty much without any major traditional record distribution. I came in shortly after cKy blew up and the major labels were sniffing around. By that time Volcom Ent had also already established itself onto the Vans Warped Tour. The label bands who were granted a “few shows” on the tour turned into a guerilla stage set up, which became “The Locals Stage” till it was finally fully dubbed the “Volcom Stage,” as it was known for around 10 years. It was primarily staffed and produced by the label team and the bands. In the early years, if your band got a slot on the stage you actually had to set up and break it down every day. No room for p*ssys, you had to REALLY want to be there to play, and knowing how to drive a forklift didn’t hurt either.

The label has always been a hybrid, long before the idea of “Bands & Brands” was an industry buzz-term and marketing plan bullet point.

What is the most challenging thing about running a record label and what makes it all worth it? 

Our label is a bit unique in that, while autonomous, we’re part of this big action sports brand. For us it’s balancing the passion for the music and bands we really love while staying relevant and keeping our brand identity intact. We’re a really small team (4 people) so we all handle a lot of different things day-to-day and it’s hard to make everybody happy all the time… What makes it all worth it for me personally are days like this year’s Free Beer Party at SXSW: our whole extended family of bands, friends, musicians and artists all in one place enjoying the music scene. Seeing it all happen on stage, in real time, that’s what it’s all about.

Name a tool you cannot live without.

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15 Clients Who Have Challenged Us… And Made Us Better Partners

the orchard 15 anniversaryAt The Orchard, we value that our clients are also our partners. As such, they constantly keep us on our toes and challenge us with new ideas and suggestions that help us improve our service and our products. Every expression of a need, every communication of a wish, every outreach for support helps us stay ahead of the curve while always keeping our clients’ best interest top of mind.

Penned by our client managers themselves, here are 15 examples of how clients have pushed us to improve and be the best partners that we can be.

Arti Farti — Arti Farti is a leading Scandinavian client and home to superstar DJ & producer, Rune RK. The Nordic territories can work very differently, often with much shorter lead times. Working with them, we have grown to further understand the importance of close communication, particularly in native tongue, in order to execute quality campaigns under sometimes challenging circumstances. By working closely, we have secured outstanding retail and interactive results, including VEVO UK premieres and playlists, and #1 chart hits. –Emilie Snellman

Body & Soul — As a label, Body & Soul is a living encyclopedia of Jazz — a unique concept of releasing recordings based on a completely “chronological” approach which brought us the challenge of gaining them the same recognition they had in the “physical” world. With 1.5 million CDs sold, their expert knowledge of the genre has helped us adapt specific pricing strategies: Best Of’s by great names such as Billie Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, but also prepare new work around streaming stores with playlists prepared together including great tracks from other lesser known artists. Check out: A History of Jazz/Une histoire du Jazz: 100 tracks. –Ben Oldfield

Cleopatra Records — Cleopatra Records puts out an incredible number and range of releases through The Orchard – from historical speeches to Broadway plays to cutting-edge dubstep. As a result, they’ve forced The Orchard client team to learn how to handle metadata rules for every single type of release across the entire spectrum of deliverable content. In addition, the label has been influential in helping us maximize our efficiency and improve deliveries for the future. –Jeff Stempeck

Cobra Entertainment — Our friends at Cobra are always pushing the boundaries of compiling Classical music. Focusing on quality music at an affordable price, they have come up with an amazing formula that just works, all the while creating thematic compilations that are truly relevant with today’s trends. These high-volume compilations have really kept us alert when it comes to Classical metadata rules, as these can be tricky for even the most seasoned professional. –Jeremy Sponder

Farol Música — As part of one of the most important media groups in Portugal, they definitely contribute to bringing top local Portuguese content and artists much closer to us, and also challenge us to learn how to market top international artists in the territory, such as Katie Melua. –Eulalia Rafols

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The Orchard: Killing It At NARM Once Again…

May 15, 2012 Orchard News No Comments

The 2012 NARM Convention was a huge success this year for The Orchard in terms of business closed, deals announced and goodwill spread — and the Physical Team was no exception.

In addition to meeting with top accounts, from Amazon, Transworld, AEC, Hastings and Super D to the all-important indie stores and their coalitions (including Spencer Hickman, the manager of the soon-to-be open Rough Trade Megastore in Brooklyn), the team found time to “socialize” with these same accounts as well as some of our label personalities like Michael Nobrega from Volcom and Curtis Casella from Taang! Records.

On Wednesday night, the Physical Team attended the Dodgers/Giants baseball game (where for some reason they still rooted for the Yankees, Red Sox and Phillies anyway), then we headed back to the Hyatt Regency lobby to find more old friends like Liz, Andrea and Reg from CIMS and Luann Myers from AIMS. Our favorite car music at NARM this year? A tie between the new albums by The Shrine and Kadavar (two great driving albums on Tee Pee!).

Another exciting win for the team last week: The Orchard announced the acquisition of Iris Distribution!

Check out the pics of what went down at our high-level meetings with NARM veterans such as Mark Hudson from Transworld, Record Store Day co-founder Carrie Colliton, and Larry Mansdorf and Carl Mello from Newbury Comics. There was some steak-eating, refereeing, bullying and cheering… You’ll wish you were there.

South Bye Southwest

March 21, 2012 Orchard News No Comments
Vintage Trouble The Orchard SXSW 2012

Vintage Trouble at The Orchard's Day Party, SXSW 2012

Even if you did not attend SXSW, you must have heard about the giant Doritos vending machine/stage, free BBQ via pedicabs, homeless hotspots, The Boss’ “you can do it” keynote or at least, A$AP Rocky’s do-rag.

No? Well it’s easy to lose track of what’s going on at SXSW and cut through all the noise, so I’ve put together some documentation of what The Orchard crew was up to for SXSW 2012.

Some members of our team arrived for Interactive to touch base with some of our tech partners and fellow nerds. Among the many were our friends at Webdoc, Fanbridge, Topspin and Rdio. We hit up some panels, tried to squeeze into the Al Gore + Sean Parker keynote and checked out the Google Village whenever we had a spare moment.

The Music Fest brought us together with loads of our clients and we did our best to get out to as many shows as we could, namely, Cleopatra RecordsBlackburner’s mind-blowing set, Lefse‘s lovely showcase, Volcom‘s beerfest and metal mania, Barsuk‘s stellar jam sesh and MANY more. Not to mention IODA’s day party with some of our favorite buzz bands taking the stage. The Orchard’s Day Party with Radical Dads, Arms, Scoundrels, Races, Vintage Trouble and Rhett Miller had us enjoying every minute of the day on Friday along with free tacos and beer at Parkside in Austin (PICS HERE). Also, we were thrilled to host the event alongside our sync department who announced their new venture, Concentrated Music.

This only touches on all of our festivities at SXSW but we do want to thank everyone who attended The Orchard’s Day Party and all the amazing showcases hosted by some of our favorite labels. Signing off with some of our staff favorites from SXSW 2012 (Poliça and Vintage Trouble took the top):

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