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New Analytics Feature: YouTube Ad-Enabled & Ad-Disabled Streams

YouTubeAnalyticsImprovements are always around the corner at The Orchard, and our latest update involves how you view your YouTube data in The Orchard Workstation: as of this week, we’ve introduced a few new YouTube-related data channels in Analytics. Rather than lump all your views into one category, Analytics now conveys how many YouTube views are either “ad-enabled,” and are therefore eligible for earnings, or “ad-disabled.”

With that, your new channel lineup includes:

  • Ad-Enabled Audio Streams: number of audio views that were enabled to show ads
  • Ad-Enabled Video Streams: number of video views that were enabled to show ads
  • Ad-Disabled Audio Streams: number of audio views that were disabled from showing ads
  • Ad-Disabled Video Streams: number of video views that were disabled from showing ads

The screenshot below shows sample data from August 1, 2013 through August 1, 2014. YouTube data from prior to October 7, 2013 did not provide a distinction between Ad-Enabled and Ad-Disabled — thus you’ll still see YouTube analytics data in Ad-Supported Streams channels up until that date. Going forward from October 7, 2013, your YouTube analytics data will exclusively be split into the four Ad-Enabled and Ad-Disabled channels for Audio and Video streams mentioned above. For all other monetized streams coming from services like Spotify, Deezer and Hulu, your data remains on our existing Ad-Supported Streams channel.

Ad-Enabled Ad-Disabled

These new data channels provide you with a more complete picture of your YouTube business. We’ve created a one sheet with additional information about factors that may affect whether your content is enabled or disabled for ads. Feel free to open a dialogue with your Client rep and YouTube Account Manager.

Tent-pole for the Holidays: The Art of Attracting Subscribers & Advertisers

November 17, 2014 Featured News, YouTube No Comments

Holiday Tent-polingIt’s that time of year again — the time when every content creator looks to make that last big push before the holidays. Luckily for creators on YouTube, holiday-themed programming can prove to be a channel’s most engaging and lucrative. Whether you have 30 hours or 30 minutes to dedicate to YouTube before the year is up, tent-pole content is low hanging fruit when it comes to gaining not only views, but also brand new subscribers and extra revenue. Trust me, you won’t want to put this off until 2015!

So what is tent-poling? If you create a playlist of holiday jams, you’re tent-poling. If you interview an artist about an upcoming tour, you’re tent-poling. Anytime you create any new content around an event, you’re tent-poling. Tent-pole content can be useful when promoting events like tours or simply when you’d like to take advantage of the traffic around a major search term like Christmas, summer or Lollapalooza, for example.

Why do we tent-pole? Every day, countless fans use YouTube’s search engine to find quality content themed around current events. That’s exactly why creating tent-pole videos and playlists around highly searched-for events (such as the holidays) is an invaluable opportunity. It not only attracts new eyes to your channel, but it targets them at just the right time.

For channels that create tent-pole content during Q4, the benefits don’t stop there. With advertisers rushing to reel in new customers in time for the holidays, YouTube is able to serve the most ads (and at the highest CPMs) during this time of year. That makes videos viewed from October through December prime real estate for ads, and the more content you post during this time, the higher your chances of having those ads placed on your content (extra ad revenue, anyone?). Since creating tent-pole content doesn’t require the budget or editing skills that a high-definition music video does, filming extra holiday interviews or building “Best of” playlists here and there can often be the easiest way to take advantage of this period’s opportunities to attract advertisers.

Now that you’ve heard all about the benefits of creating tent-pole content, it’s time to brainstorm. Depending on the time, resources and creativity you can spare before 2015, the possibilities range from creating a “12 Days of Christmas” video series to simply building a “Best of 2014″ playlist that showcases some of your channel’s best content this year. The sky is really the limit here, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Tent-poling doesn’t have to come and go with the holidays, either. Are your artists playing any summer festivals in 2015? Consider making a curated playlist that features all the best artists on the bill. Expecting a slow release schedule in the fall? Keep fans engaged by interviewing your artists about their worst Halloween costumes of all time. There’s already an audience searching for this content and advertisers looking to place ads on it, so you might as well be engaging them.

No matter how much time you have to spare, get tent-poling this holiday season! Consider it our gift to you.

Today’s The Day: YouTube Announces Music Key Subscription Service

November 12, 2014 Featured News, YouTube 3 Comments

YouTubeMusicKeyBetaAlthough it’s faced numerous delays and roadblocks, YouTube has finally announced the launch of its monetized subscription service, YouTube Music Key, in the United States, United Kingdom, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain, with more countries launching soon. In beta for now, the service will initially be open to select music consumers and anyone with Google Play Music All Access. (Hint: that’s your in if you want to check it out.)

A slew of new music-focused features are available for free on YouTube for everyone starting today:

  • Personalized Music ‘What to Watch” page — a new home page for music
  • Topic Channels for Artists
  • Search Knowledge Cards — special search results for artists and albums called watch cards
  • Album Playlists
  • YouTube Mix (Radio)
  • Tens of millions of Art Tracks — millions of high-quality songs and complete discographies

US desktop

YouTube Music Key, the paid music subscription, will be available on Android starting on 11/17 and on iOS soon. The paid service will unlock additional features:

  • Ad-free music on badged content across all devices (mobile, desktop, TV)
  • Background listening and offline playback on badged content on mobile
  • A complimentary subscription to Google Play Music All Access

music homepage_framed (1)

We’ve created a one sheet to recap what you need to know about YouTube Music Key. Stay tuned for additional updates.

We’re Live! Stream Your Events on YouTube

October 27, 2014 Featured News, YouTube No Comments

sandow_liveIt’s not hard to see why Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube have changed the way we consume entertainment all together, mainly because of its convenience and the freedom that comes along with on-demand options. Nowadays, it’s rare to watch something at the time of its original air date. Aside from the Super Bowl and season finales of shows like Breaking Bad or The Sopranos, people tend to view content at their own pace in line with their day-to-day routine. In the age of instant gratification there is no substitute for watching what we want, when we want.

Even with all of the obvious advantages to the on-demand experience, there’s still nothing like live television. Luckily, YouTube has found a way for us to experience the best of both worlds by allowing its users to create live events on their channel. By combining a live event with social media, you can create a memorable and interactive experience for your viewers. Conduct live improvised Q & A’s and interviews using questions and comments tweeted in by your audience and answer them in real time. Film your band’s live show from the road. Broadcast a live feed of your extreme sports competition. The length of your live feed can be up to 8 hours long, and the set up is simple. Only stipulation? Your YouTube account needs to be in good standing. It’s easy to promote across your channel with in-video programming and on social media. It’s also a great way to bridge the gap between you and your subscriber base.

After your live event is over, send the footage to post-production — and then upload fully edited video clips for monetization on your channel. If creating a live event seems right for your content, give it a shot.

Control Your TV with YouTube

October 15, 2014 Featured News, YouTube No Comments

YouTube for TVI don’t know about you, but sometimes I like to just kick back in my living room and watch TV. That’s right, good ol’ television. I just flip on my TV and begin watching whatever’s on. One thing I’ve noticed, though, is that the way I watch television now is drastically different than a few years ago, before Smart TVs and apps. These days I often find myself browsing infinitely, sifting through minutes of entertainment. I do this a lot in my spare time with YouTube. Thanks to my handy smartphone, I can send videos directly to my TV while also Facebooking, Instagramming and Snapchatting.

Don’t get me wrong, if I want to sit down and commit to something for an extended period of time, I go to Netflix to stream a good 2-hour long movie, or HBO Go to powerwatch episodes of Game of Thrones. However, if I just want to be visually stimulated, have a general idea of what I want, but nothing too specific in mind, then YouTube is likely to fit the bill.

I’m not alone in this behavior. A new survey from Frank N. Magid Associates found YouTube to be the #1 destination for watching TV online. About 38% of 2,400 consumers surveyed claimed they visit YouTube for TV shows, versus Netflix at 33%, Hulu at 17% and Amazon Prime Instant Video at 14%, according to results reported by CNET.

Are we surprised by these results? Mmm…not entirely. We already know that YouTube is the second most trafficked online search engine. With the proliferation of smart phones, tablets, game consoles with internet apps, and other smart gadgets, it was only a matter of time before YouTube made its way to your TV screens. YouTube is certainly paving the way to taking on traditional television and catering toward a more leanback experience. Check out the video below for an introduction to the new and improved YouTube for TV interface already available on Xbox One.

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