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Action Sports Films: A Force To Reckon With

Action sports and movies have a multi-decade long history, since the flashy and dangerous tricks of skaters, snowboarders, and other extreme athletes lend to great film material. If your action sports viewing history ended with the intros from those video games you played as a kid, you might be surprised to see how far the genre has progressed.

4K, 8K, HDR & VR: NAB’s Game of Thrones

Once a year in April, the buyers and sellers, old guard and new, meet in the desert to talk shop, explore new technology and unavoidably take in the Vegas nightlife. This year’s attendance is reported to have exceeded 103,000. The convention is NAB (for National Association of Broadcasters), and this was my third time attending and… Read more »

3D Printing, The New Merch!?

What if you could provide a completely unique one-a-kind experience to your fanbase? No, I’m not talking about a new t-shirt design or buy-one-get-one promo… I’m talking about 3D printing, the completely relevant and attainable concept of creating brand new tangible objects on demand. Recently, The Orchard’s own Kele Okereke of the band Bloc Party… Read more »