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Ten Albums You Might Have Missed In 2015

We love year-end “Best of” lists. But we love underdogs even more. Here are ten albums you might have missed that didn’t rub shoulders with Kendrick, Adele, or Drake. But they impressed the hell out of us. Miniboone: Bad Sports [Ernest Jenning Record Co.] Best new-wave power-pop album of the year. Five fun-loving NYC guys create… Read more »

Ten You Might’ve Missed in 2013

Two years ago, The Orchard added 60,000 UPCs to its distribution catalogue between the start of the year and our annual “10 You Might’ve Missed” post. As of this writing, the official number for this year is 603,505. 603,505! We’re not quite sure how our headphones haven’t melted, but thankfully they’ve held out long enough… Read more »

Take A Musical Journey to Brazil

Since Brazil has been very much in the global spotlight lately (and no doubt will continue to be for the foreseeable future), we thought we might compile a sampler of a few of our favorite Brazilian or Brazil-inspired artists. The tracks below run the gamut from Classic Samba to Contemporary Baile Funk. Highlights include “Nobody Can Live… Read more »