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It's A Celebration Kind of Year… Happy 30 Years, CD!

Happy Birthday to the CD! common sociology assignment types In the U.K., they’ve been commercially available for 30 years now, with the first titles available on the format coming from ABBA and Billy Joel. CDs are the most successful format in the history of the recorded music industry. The BPI’s quarterly survey of trade shipments first picked… Read more »

Music Makes the (Olympic) World Go Round

As the Paralympics enter their final week, the whole London 2012 team can be congratulated for many things: excellent venues, great game makers (the army of volunteers), fabulous venues and amazing atmospheres. One thing that they might not be applauded for by many was the amazing variety of music that both games have utilised. Having… Read more »

What’s New, UK?

Lots of services are looking to start in the UK — and others are undergoing some interesting changes. Consider this your quick and dirty update: The US streaming store Rdio has (finally) launched in the UK and several other EU territories. We will have more news for you in the coming weeks but we are looking forward… Read more »

The Five (well actually six) W’s of Marketing

You’ve probably heard of the Five W’s: Who, What, When, Where, and Why? They are the five essential bits of info without which no marketing campaign can effectively run. Like most people who studied Marketing before getting a job, we all rote learned the different W’s and how to (supposedly) adapt them to any product…. Read more »