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The Glitch Mob Kills It (And Resurrects It) With “Love Death Immortality”

The Glitch Mob‘s fan base is notorious for having a voracious appetite for content. Since the late summer months, The Glitch Mob has slowly been releasing details regarding their upcoming album, Love Death Immortality. The picture really started to come into focus (quite literally) in early December, when the band began sharing small portions of their… Read more »

All Aboard the Africa Express

The relationship between Africa and the greater global community has long been fraught with misunderstanding, misinformation and misconception. Post-colonial Africa has been inundated with social instability and corruption, largely attributable to the authoritarian systems of government embraced by many of its nation states, coupled with the various military dictatorships that have sprung up as the… Read more »

No Holding Drowners Down

Matthew Hitt isn’t from New York. In fact, he isn’t even from the States, hailing from a rural area in Wales. Yet for some reason, since his arrival in the Big Apple in the summer of 2011, Hitt has felt right at home. “I just like the way things look here. I like the way… Read more »

Symphonic Metal Meets Opera Meets Hip-Hop on “Hydra”

Dutch Symphonic Rock band Within Temptation is preparing to release their sixth studio album, Hydra, on Nuclear Blast. The band recently revealed details regarding the guest appearances made on the release, and some of the artists involved may be a little unexpected — and therefore very exciting. First on the list is Dave Pirner of “Runaway… Read more »