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Hey Girl, Pre-Order That Record at Amazon MP3

When I think of technologies I once lived without, I dig deep and I ponder the endless possibilities. My first thought is the internet. How did we live without email and Gchat and Ryan Gosling memes  (thanks Al Gore?)? I hear people used label makers and fax machines to send each other GIFs. My next thought… Read more »

Spotify Makes It Crystal Clear

Caught in the polarity between musicians and artists singing their praises (badum ch!) and detesting the service, Spotify realized they needed to get all Jerry Maguire up in here and ‘Show Us the Money’. On December 3, 2013, they did just that with the launch of their new artist website, an artist facing site designed… Read more »

Don’t Miss A Thing with Spotify Connect

Spotify has done it again and moved the needle to awesome on the Neat Stuff Scale. With the launch of Spotify Connect, premium subscribers can listen to their music anywhere. Spotify Connect provides a wireless music solution which allows users to send and receive audio across Spotify-enabled devices including your iPhone, iPad and select home audio… Read more »

Get An “All Access” Pass To Google Play

Google has decided to take the plunge into the streaming providers ocean with their new service All Access. Much like its predecessors (i.e. Spotify, Rdio), the monthly subscription service provides unlimited, ad-free streaming of millions of songs for only $9.99 a month. Available on the web and on Android devices, they’re offering a special price of… Read more »

Billboard Does The Harlem Shake

Ok, they didn’t really do the Harlem Shake (at least as far as I know) and in reality, this title wouldn’t be making headlines now that thousands of people — sports teams, offices, musicians and celebrities alike — have been posting videos of themselves doing the ‘Harlem Shake.’ The Harlem Shake, if you’re not familiar, is a dance frightening humping… Read more »