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How YouTube UGC Can Help Independent Musicians

So you’ve discovered a new band that you just can’t get enough of. Their new single is out, they have a new album set to release in the near future, and they’re getting some buzz around the indie music wire. You like them so much that you wish you could shout it from a rooftop,… Read more »

Catch An Orchardite Or Two in “Covering Coven”

Who could have imagined that from the minds that brought us everyone’s favorite high school musical dramedy Glee was something far more twisted, terrifying and truly controversial? In 2011, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk introduced horror fans to an entirely new and progressive idea not really seen before on television as they dreamed up American… Read more »

Bounce Around With Some Bhangra

I have to admit – as much as I try to be as worldly of a person as I can, there is just too much to learn and too much to know on a daily basis. Luckily for me, I’ve been able to amp up my exposure and learning experience through my passions – food… Read more »

Sam Champion Goes Video Gung-Ho

The Brooklyn boys in Sam Champion are getting ready for the September 2nd release of their sophomore full-length, Heavenly Bender, but they’re taking a less traditional route for promotion – they’ve created a batch of hilarious videos, starting with one that’s a great way to mess with your friends. Head on over to Music For… Read more »

Amy Ray ‘Feeling Kinder’ on Amy Ray TV

Amy Ray (who you may know as the spirited, punky half of the Indigo Girls) recently released her third solo album, Didn’t It Feel Kinder , and it’s already bringing in praise from big guns like . Amy recently brought down the house with an intimate performance celebrating the release at Housing Works in… Read more »