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Slacker Radio Launches RJD2’s Own Station!

Today we’re pleased to announce that Slacker Radio has launched RJD2’s very own radio station! You can hear hand picked songs from RJD2 himself, his most favorite and influential music, plus some of his own. He talks about how some of the songs have impacted his life and music career – get listening to hear… Read more »

AOL Radio Relaunches, Powered By Slacker

The digital radio race in the U.S. continues to intensify at a mind boggling pace. There were a few major developments last week, the first being Buick’s announcement that Pandora will be a standard feature in all models starting next year. This is an extraordinary vote of confidence and if they see success here, we’re guessing it won’t take… Read more »

AT&T + T-Mobile: Mission Accomplished?

This week the US Justice Department moved to block the proposed merger between AT&T and T-Mobile. T-Mobile offered itself for purchase due in part to a lack of a 4G strategy which had them facing massive network upgrade charges to remain competitive as most operators in the US roll out 4G service.   If the merger… Read more »

But What If There Is No Cloud?

Countless internet businesses, including Foursquare, Quora, Hootsuite, Reddit and Myxer found out today what happens when there is no cloud. Part of the reason why the internet start up culture is so rich and thriving is due to the low cost to launch and deploy web services on-demand, without owning or renting massive data centers… Read more »

A Brief Look At’s Innovation

Two and a half years ago, Myxer was a pirate ringtone site causing headaches for content owners. However, they were looking to work more closely with content providers. The Orchard licensed them which helped stop Orchard label’s content from being downloaded illegally from the site. Today, ringtones have waned in popularity as consumers switch from… Read more »