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Mo Data, Mo Problems (but Mo Performance Royalties)

ISRC, UPC, Song Title, Version, Artist, Composer, Release Name, Duration, Label, Imprint. These are just a few of the pieces of data that identify your songs. How about Country of Recording? Nationality of First Producer? Gender of drummer’s first born?!! Ok, I made that one up… but it probably couldn’t hurt to include it. In… Read more »

Compilations: Be the Big Fish in a Little Pond

NEWS FLASH LABEL OWNERS: There is a lot of music out there. Billions of songs. Wait, check that, millions of songs… no… tens of millions of songs. There are tens of millions of songs available in almost any format you want — stream, download, CD, vinyl, etc. In fact, there is so much music that… Read more »

Now That’s What I Call A Compilation

Who doesn’t love a great mixtape? A collection of handpicked songs that represent the best of the best of whatever genre, activity, theme, emotion, season, holiday, or mood those songs embody. And while many music lovers may say that compilations erode the value of the album, it cannot be refuted that compilations provide tremendous value… Read more »

Buy The Walkmen’s new album AND fight cancer

The Walkmen have become something of a musical institution in New York City, and the achievement of such popularity should come as no surprise. Their sound has been compared to U2, the Velvet Underground, and The Cure – bold but worthy comparisons. And the new album You & Me, officially being released August 19th, will… Read more »

WAKE UP SLEEPYHEADS! It’s the new EP from Passion Pit.

Here’s what it is: complex, loud, tight, fun, dreamy, soulful. And what do we call it? “Sleepyhead,” the new single from Cambridge-based poppers Passion Pit, lead by lyricist, beatmaker, and plain-and-simple mastermind Michael Angelakos. Here’s what it’s not: dull, boring, or anything resembling sleep. In fact, the track, with it’s electro-claps, high pitched vocal loops,… Read more »