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The Orchard’s Catalogue Cuts: Beyond Legend

Everyone has an album that they fall in love with and play on repeat from start to finish, time and time again. Those albums become the soundtrack to our lives and capture special moments in time, but those albums can also have a tendency to define entire genres of music in our minds. “Beyond Legend”… Read more »

The Orchard Sync Team Becomes Concentrated Music

Today is a big one for The Orchard and more specifically, The Orchard’s Sync team. SXSW is obviously an exciting event on its own. It’s the main stage for bands and new technologies to introduce themselves to the industry at large, offering new sounds and solutions, paving a path to the future and inspiring execs… Read more »

Stuffing on 6th St.

This year I am thankful for many things. Free Lonestar, Guitar Hero at the Driskill, 3am Best Wurst, BBQ sauce stains, secret shows and secret after parties. Eh? No…I haven’t lost it. Yes, I realize that all of these things have little if nothing to do with Thanksgiving and instead refer to SXSW in Austin,… Read more »

S.till S.peaking T.ruths

SST. Despite the accuracy of the above headline, it actually stands for Solid State Transmitters, which was originally a mail-order WWII surplus radio equipment company that Greg Ginn started when he was twelve. Now thirty years after Greg changed the dial from surplus to punk, we are celebrating one of the most pivotal and influential… Read more »

Digital Is Playing Dirty

Slip on those white shades, pull down the door to the Delorean and get ready to be ‘tooken’ to the future of hip hop. Dirty Digital is a duo from Chicago who is doing things proper by delivering us a mix of electro and hip hop that will make you want to do the robot… Read more »