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GeoRiot: Where to Put Affiliate Links and Fatten Up Your Wallet

A year ago, we told you about a powerful monetization tool called “affiliation.” Affiliate linking is a seamless way for labels, independent artists and filmmakers to earn additional revenue beyond the royalties earned through digital sales for something they are already doing — marketing their content. You can foster this additional revenue stream, in the form… Read more »

The Plus Side to Google+

I imagine that we all shared the same sentiment when Google+ initially launched — one more social network I need to update?! It’s been a slow process, but Google is finally beginning to connect the dots for us. Within the next few weeks, YouTube users will be able to link their Google+ page to their YouTube channel. You… Read more »

Because Your Affiliation Matters: How to Make Money with GeoRiot

Do you use affiliate programs? Do you know what an affiliate program is? If you answered ‘no’ to either of these questions… keep reading! As an affiliate, you can earn commissions on all qualifying revenue generated by links to iTunes. MONEY! To start, determine which regional affiliate program best matches your audience — LinkShare (United States and Japan),… Read more »

Take A Time Out & Embrace The Timeline

Are you one of those people that gripes every time Facebook changes something on you? Just when you had mastered “poking,” Zuckerberg goes and takes it away. Well, earlier this month, Facebook announced that all artist pages will take on the Timeline format by March 30th. But, hold your gripes! The Orchard’s Interactive Marketing team… Read more »