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Lonestar and The Orchard Unite to Celebrate Milestones and New Beginnings

Celebrating our 15th anniversary AND celebrating the 20th anniversary of our newest signing is cause for an extra large celebration, right? If you remember “No News,” “Come Crying To Me,” and “Amazed,” then you know who we’re talking about. This newcomer is none other than Lonestar! The four good ‘ole boys from Texas originally formed… Read more »

A Weekend in the Life of Two Professional Nerds

Computer Art

“There are only 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don’t.” ~Unknown, probably Myron Machado, fellow nerd Two people that do understand binary are Artur Onefater and myself, Charles Wisniewski. Between the 26th and 29th of July, we ventured to our collocation in Mysteryville, Earth for some serious… Read more »

15 Of Our Films That Have Shocked Us with Their Beauty, Truth or Extremes

We may have only started distributing video in 2008, but that doesn’t diminish the influence that the films we’ve worked on have had on us. In honor of our 15th anniversary, our video team’s Brendan Nunn and Danielle DiGiacomo have put together a selection of 15 films that have shocked us with their beauty, truth or extremes. And… Read more »

The Orchard’s Got The Power! …Of People

Last week, The Orchard’s European offices had its annual get together, inclusive of our very own ‘Orchard Olympics,’ just to get into the spirit of things! I already knew we had a pretty special team with a diverse range of skills, talents, passions and interests, but as I surveyed the group over the next 3… Read more »