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What The #&@$ Do You Do?!?

James Kass Director of Digital Sales Processing Joined the Orchard September 2007 So James, what the #&@$ do you do? Well, my profane friend, around these here parts I’m known as Director of Digital Sales Processing. In addition to general database troubleshooting and generating analysis reports for the higher-ups, the Digital Sales Processing team (consisting… Read more »

Getting to Know Ya…

The Orchard has been providing our Daily Rind Blog readers with current and useful news since 2008 and as our readership grows, we feel its time to get a better feel for who our readers are. Three things fuel The Daily Rind… the global music industry, our work at The Orchard and YOU. That’s why… Read more »

Managing Users on Your Orchard Account

When you log in to your Orchard account, you automatically have access to many things: Artist Builder, Release Builder, Marketplace, Analytics, Accounting… Among these products might lie some sensitive information – for instance Accounting or Analytics – which you don’t necessarily wish for your intern, assistant or even artist to access. That’s why we’ve made… Read more »

A Day In The Life of The Orchard Ops

Just in case you had no idea, the Operations team at The Orchard has been on a serious tear recently. We’ve been working extra hard to get all that great content out to stores across the world, and dotting all the Is and crossing those Ts wherever necessary to ensure everything is in tip-top shape…. Read more »