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Introducing New & Improved Analytics

As an active Orchard client, you’ve probably been using the sophisticated products we’ve released over the past few years; including Release Builder (create releases), Artist Builder (manage an artist roster and their marketing assets) and our new Marketplace (use third party sales and marketing tools). The next logical step is an enhanced version of our Release… Read more »

The Marketplace Presents: FanBridge

You might have encountered FanBridge before… Perhaps on our Facebook page when we were giving out Spotify invites, or more recently in anticipation of our CMJ Harvest Bowl showcase this week. As an online platform that helps grow, engage and monetize your audience, FanBridge offers quite a few services. For The Orchard, FanBridge has put together… Read more »

Rdio.Is.Free. It’s Official.

It’s official. Streaming stores are now integrated with Facebook. More importantly, Rdio is now integrated with Facebook. Even more importantly, you can now listen to Rdio which is integrated with your Facebook FOR FREE. That’s right folks, you read correctly. To listen to all your favorite music on demand, you don’t have to spend your hard… Read more »

The Marketplace Presents: MusicHype

In a world that’s all about tapping into as many social networks as you can in order to “hype” your product, MusicHype knows exactly where it stands and how it can contribute. A cutting-edge platform that tracks, recognizes and rewards fans for the word-of-mouth marketing they’re already doing, MusicHype uses customizable widgets to capture fans… Read more »

CMJ @ Brooklyn Bowl: Get Ready To Party with The Orchard, vitaminwater, FanBridge and Moontoast

It’s October and that means changing colors, Halloween… and CMJ. For those who don’t know, the CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival is a five-day takeover of New York City featuring over 1,300 artist performances and dozens of cutting-edge films. CMJ is a place to discover hoards of new music in the nightclubs and theaters… Read more »