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Introducing, The Orchard’s New UI…

If you’re a savvy Orchard user, you’ve probably installed some apps from the Marketplace. You may have even noticed that there are a few apps in there built right here at The Orchard! Currently we have three rotating in the featured section: Promo Player, Press Kit, and Soundcloud Connect. All three of these apps were… Read more »

The Marketplace Presents: VoxBloc

If marketing is all about getting your product out there by identifying, satisfying and keeping your customers, then word-of-mouth is undoubtedly a priceless tool to achieve that goal. VoxBloc taps right into that idea by putting your #1 customers into the driver’s seat—your fans—and rewarding them for their efforts. Consider it a long-lasting royalty engagement… Read more »

Jason Pascal @ The Copyright Society of the South Luncheon

This Thursday, September 22nd, The Copyright Society of the South is hosting one of their monthly luncheons in Nashville, TN. I have the privilege of being the featured speaker at the event, and will be addressing the topic of Copyright Issues Facing The Modern Distributor, covering various issues such as cloud licensing, sound recording performance,… Read more »

The Marketplace Presents: FanRx

What with Facebook being the new be-all and end-all of social media, any band would be well equipped with a FanRx music page. Not only does this awesome app give you everything you need (and more) to get yourself a sexy Facebook band page, it’s also absolutely free. After you’ve signed into The Orchard Marketplace… Read more »