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Mojohands on Syfy’s “Being Human”

Say you’re a vampire…and you’re making out with another vampire…and you’re feeding off each other…and Mojohands’ badass blues cover of “Tainted Love” is playing in the background…AND you live with a werewolf and a ghost, trying to blend in with society. Well, my vampire friend, you’re either completely whack-a-doodle bonkers OR you’re the lead character… Read more »

Go Ahead…Ask Us Anything

As we kick off 2011 and plan out our posts for The Daily Rind, we realized we’ve been a bit one-sided with the blog. Sure, we think our posts are interesting (am I right?!), but what do you want to read about? Post a comment here if you have any industry topics or questions you’d… Read more »

Get Fit Quick With The Orchard

So, Christmas is over. Time to get fit. We all know the score, you’ve eaten too much turkey, drank too much beer and scoffed too much chocolate. What’s the solution? THE ORCHARD’S ULTIMATE WORKOUT PLAYLIST! We don’t guarantee weight loss. We don’t guarantee toned abs. Nor do we even expect you to get off your… Read more »


As 2010 comes to a close, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for selecting us as your business partner. It’s been a great year, but we’re confident next year will be the best yet. We’re looking forward to unveiling more client tools in 2011, and receiving more great music and video from… Read more »